Senator Gerald Nye, whose 1934-1936 hearings into the role the munitions industry played in the US entrance into World War I helped pave the way for the passage of the 1935 Neutrality Act. The measure symbolized 1930s isolationism.
ONE-PAGE ASSIGNMENT: Using either the Hahn reading or the House of Commons debates, what do you see as the most significant difference between the British worldview and what we've seen so far of US foreign policy? Why?


bullet Hahn, United States, Great Britain, and Egypt, pp. 14-37.
bullet Paterson, Major Problems, pp. 115-165.


bullet The Montevideo accords, which established the principle of non-intervention
bullet Cordell Hull at the 1936 Buenos Aires Conferences takes notice of the altered international situation
bullet FDR quarantine speech (1937)
bullet Neville Chamberlain's "Peace in Our Timd" address
bullet British House of Commons--debate over Munich agreement<.td>
bullet FDR addresses the Pan-American Union on international affairs (1939)


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Two views of the changed European boundaries after the Munich agreelent. Click on each map for an enlarged version.