World War I

European alliances on the eve of war

Shortly after his inauguration, Woodrow Wilson commented on how ironic it would be if his administration focused on foreign affairs. In the end, although Wilson successfully pushed through Congress two separate packages of domestic reform, his presidency remains best known for his response to World War I, the subject of today's class.
bullet Knock, To End All Wars, pp. 48-122.
bullet OR "John Dewey and Progressive Internationalism."


bullet Declaration of Neutrality (1914)
bullet Protest note, Lusitania sinking (1915)
bullet Protest note, Sussex sinking (1916)
bullet Peace without Victory address (1917)
bullet War message (1917)

one-page assignment: due in class on Tuesday.

Do you see more similarities or more differences between the foreign policy approach that Woodrow Wilson offered in the Peace without Victory address and the War message? (Links for both to the right.)


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