World War II

Winston Churchill and FDR, at the 1941 Argentia Conference

A two-pronged assignment for today. Readings examine the diplomacy of the war in Europe and Latin America; the documents trace the evolution of US war aims with a focus on two of the stickier wartime issues: self-determination for colonies, and the fate of Poland.
bullet Paterson, Major Problems, pp. 166-200.
bullet Maps, WWII strategic balance
bullet World War II time line (for background)


bullet Atlantic Charter (1941)
bullet FDR and Stalin on colonial issues (1943)
bullet The Big Three discuss the postwar world, Teheran (1943)
bullet The Yalta Conference and Poland (1945)


euro1941.gif (24832 bytes) German conquests, to 1941

europe42.gif (24026 bytes) Europe at the height of German conquests, 1942