The Constitution and the National Security State

The bombed home of A. Mitchell Palmer, Wilson's final attorney general, who would oversee the "Red Scare"

Woodrow Wilson changed the Constitution in profound ways--domestically, through measures such as the Federal Trade Commission Act (1914); on "internal security," through measures such as the Espionage (1917) and Sedition (1918) Acts; and internationally, though his conception of the League of Nations covenant. Moreover, the Wilson administration saw four constitutional amendment passed, a total unprecedented since the Bill of Rights. Today's reading is all document-oriented, and I'm asking you to read each of these documents.


bullet Federal Trade Commission Act (1914)
bullet Espionage Act (1917)
bullet Sedition Act (1918)
bullet League of Nations Covenant (1919)
bullet 16th-19th amendments (1913-1920)