March 5
The Militarization of the Cold War, Part 2

Leffler, Preponderance of Power, pp. 266-397.
Reading Notes


Apr. 4, 1949: The NATO treaty is signed.
July 14, 1949: The USSR explodes its first atomic bomb.
Oct. 1, 1949: The Communist Party completes its triumph in the Chinese Civil War, as Mao Zedong assumes power.
early 1950: adoption of NSC 68, which, in many ways served as the ideological basis for the Cold War.
June 27, 1950: start of the Korean War. As the Truman administration itself struggled to understand the first week of action, the CIA did not underestimate the difficulty of the task.
late 1950: decision to build the H-bomb--H-bomb time line, visual images of the effects of the H-bomb.
koreanwarmap.jpg (66168 bytes) East Central Asia at the dawn of the Korean War

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