History 4698

The following books are available for purchase from Labyrinth Books, or you can purchase them on-line by clicking the links below:

Frances Fitzgerald, Way Out There in the Blue

David Halberstam, War in a Time of Peace

Thomas Knock, To End All Wars

Melvyn Leffler, A Preponderance of Power

Fredrik Logevall, Choosing War

Daniel Rodgers, Atlantic Crossings

Eric Roorda, The Dictator Next Door

Philip Zelikow and Ernest May, The Kennedy Tapes

In addition to this list, each class has several primary documents (almost all available only on-line) as well as supplementary secondary reading that also is available only on-line. You are required to do all reading; even that which doesn't come up in class will be fair game for exams. In fact, you're probably more likely than not to see it on exams.

Course grades are based on the following:

Midterm/final exams, 50%.

Two 5-7 page document-based papers, 35%.

Participation, including in on-line discussion forum, 15%

Paper assignments:

The paper assignments will be posted approximately two weeks before their due dates (which, as you will quickly discover with me) are strictly formalities. Papers should be your own work; you do not need me to tell you that plagiarism is unethical and against college policy. Plagiarism can consist of outright copying; submitting a paper that you yourself did not write; "borrowing" material from the internet; or copying large portions of another person's work while changing only a few words. It's not worth the risk--an F for the course, plus my reporting you to the dean--to plagiarize. If you have any questions on this topic, please see me.