January 31


President Woodrow Wilson. Even before the United States entered the First World War, this complex and contradictory chief executive offered some of the most idealistic (Pan-American Pact, Mobile speech) and some of the most militaristic (Haitian and Dominican occupations) initiatives in the history of US foreign relations.
Today's class will examine the origins of Wilsonianism; focus falls on US diplomacy before the entrance into World War I. Knock provides some background, but the more interesting section comes from the documents: Wilson prepared his speeches himself, and few were more skilled.

Remember, the first caucus discussion forum assignment today for A-L last names.


Knock, To End All Wars, pp. 3-47.
Reading notes


William Howard Taft on Dollar Diplomacy (1911)
Wilson attacks Dollar Diplomacy (1913)
Tampico intervention (1914)


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