History 65: April and May classes


April 4: The First Gulf War (SUBMIT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY--one page, key arguments and sources for your paper)

April 6: No class--National Book Week talk

April 11: New Domestic and International Orders: Yugoslavia, Clinton

April 13, 18, and 20: No class--spring break

April 25: The Path to 1994

April 27: The United States and a New Economic Order: QUIZ

May 2: The Clinton Impeachment

May 4: The Election of 2000

May 9: 9/11

Add-on: Vicky found a link to some of the impeachment testimony. The critical item is the third excerpt in Lewinsky (Congressman Bryant is asking the questions). A central assertion of the obstruction of justice claim was that Lewinsky filed her false deposition in the Jones case (that she had no affair with the President) to serve the President's interests, and that she didn't believe that filing the false deposition served her own interests. Lewinsky's response proves the old adage that lawyers should not ask witnesses questions to which the lawyer himself doesn't know the answer.

May 11: Cultural Politics

May 16: US in the Contemporary World