The Creation of the CIA

General Hoyt Vandenberg, one driving force behind the creation of the CIA

It was by no means a certainty that the US would establish a formal intelligence agency after World War II. There had been, as we've discovered, a long tradition against secret spying in the United States; the documents of the time are also filled with frightened references to the United States creating its own "Gestapo."

Tonightís class will examine how and why the CIA was created, first through the eyes of three historians; then, more interestingly, through an intensive look at some documents from the period. Keep in mind the context: there was no obvious model on which Truman administration officials could base their recommendations.


bullet Christopher Andrew, For the Presidentís Eyes Only, pp. 6-198.
bullet Reading notes
bullet Founding of the CIAóForeign Relations of the United States documents