The CIA and the Chilean Coup

La Moneda, Chile's presidential palace, under fire during the 1973 coup that toppled the Marxist government of Salvador Allende.  The military junta that succeeded Allende, headed by Augusto Pinochet, established a record for human rights abuses that continues to haunt Chilean society, and also helped bring human rights matters to the fore in the United States.


The 1970 election of Marxist Salvador Allende (with 38% of the vote in a three-way contest) dominated the Nixon administration's approach to South America until Allende's overthrow in a US-supported 1973 coup. Tonight's class--where the reading is mostly documents--focuses on CIA involvement in two separate coup efforts. We'll also be looking at some raw intelligence the agency provided US policymakers. Please print out all primary documents and bring them to class.


bullet Andrew, For the Presidentís Eyes Only, pp. 350-397.
bullet Thomas Powers, "Inside the Department of Dirty Tricks"


bullet The CIA originates a coup plan, 1970
bullet State Department-embassy cables on a Chilean coup, 1970 (read all)
bullet Nixon's order for a Chilean coup
bullet Henry Kissinger's Track II plan, 1970, followed by the formal implementation
bullet NSC options on Chile, 1970, with firmer options desired by Kissinger
bullet DCI Richard Helms on Allende, 1970
bullet State Department: the junta and executions

For more: US-Chile, more declassified documents