April 22
The CIA and the End of the Cold War

Mikhail Gorbachev, with Ronald Reagan and George Bush. Gorbachev's accession to power helped bring to an end the Cold War.
Assessing the Soviet threat represented the most important reason for the founding of the CIA, and, as we have seen throughout the term, became one of its most controversial tasks--just think of Team B. So how did the agency fare in terms of understanding the end of the Cold War? That's today's subject. The Gates is for background; all the documents are CIA National Intelligence Estimates, all recently declassified as part of Langley's own program of glasnost.


bullet Robert Gates, From the Shadows, pp. 375-390, 438-531.
bullet Reading Notes
bullet Gerald Haines, "At Cold War's End"


bullet Analyzing Gorbachev's chances for success (1988)
bullet Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan (1988)
bullet Future of Eastern Europe (1990)
bullet Predicting post-Cold War Soviet nuclear capabilities (1990)
bullet "Alternative Soviet futures" (1991)

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