May 13
The CIA in the Modern Era

We'll end the class with a free-wheeling discussion on the CIA's future--and the agency's performance before and after the WTC attacks.
The CIA attempts to predict Afghanistan's future (1989)
Melvin Goodman, "Ending the CIA's Cold War Legacy" (1997)
Edward Shirley, "Can't Anybody Here Play This Game?" (1998)
Bobby Inman places the CIA's shortcomings in a historical context
Thomas Henriksen criticizes the "blowback myth," while Ken Silverstein is less sure
Judge for yourself: Caspar Weinberger from the time
Helle Bering describes the WTC attacks as an intelligence failure by the CIA
David Corn--from a different ideological perspective--reaches the same conclusion
New York Times on the missed intelligence by the CIA
Add The Economist to the CIA's critics in the battle against terror
Andrew Roberts contends that "political correctness" explained the CIA's lack of diligence
Loch Johnson points to the agency's dearth of  . . . professors!
Reuel Marc Gerecht, a former CIA operative, predicted that the CIA would not stop bin Laden
Seymour Hersh reports on the CIA's difficulties in the post-Cold War era
Timothy Noah wonders at Hersh's change of heart on the CIA
Jason Zengerle wonders if the US intelligence apparatus can handle the war on terror


The US Army--lessons of the Soviet war in Afghanistan

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