February 11
World War II, the Modern Intelligence Community,
and Modern Intelligence History

wfront1.jpg (24950 bytes) The original war plans of the two sides.
wfront2.jpg (52461 bytes) The German attack through the Ardennes Forest--one of the great intelligence victories of modern times.
wfront3.jpg (24884 bytes) The battle of Sedan--one of the decisive moments in the fall of France.
We'll have a two-part class tonight. The first will consist of a talk by me on the wartime intelligence experience in the US, with a focus on the aftereffects of Pearl Harbor and the activities of the Office of Strategic Services. Then we'll be discussing the May book, both to get a sense of how world powers used intelligence in the 1940s and to see how first-rate intelligence history is written.


Ernest May, Strange Victory, all.
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