History 7433 final exam. You'll have to do two of these questions; shoot for eight or nine PPs to each question. The answers can either be emailed to me or handed in--whichever is easier.


1.) Does Leuchtenburg overstate when he describes postwar US Presidents as living in the "shadow of FDR"? Discuss, analyzing two of postwar Presidents.

2.) One theme of the course has been the relationship between personality and public policy in a study of the presidency. But just how important is the personality factor in determining presidential history? Discuss, using examples from three of the four following Presidents: Lincoln, Wilson, LBJ, and Nixon.

3.) As we end this campaign season, one common theme emerging from the Washington political classes has seemed to be that the tenor of the campaign will not necessarily dictate the policies the next President will pursue. Has this pattern existed historically as well? Discuss, with reference to three 20th century Presidents.

4.) "In the end, the presidency as an institution has not evolved gradually over time, but grown in spurts, most frequently associated with wartime eras." Do you agree? Use three presidencies in your response.