The Catholick King doth furthermore hereby give and grant to her Britannick majesty, and to
the company of her subjects appointed for that purpose, as well the subjects of Spain, as all others, being
excluded, the contract for introducing negroes into several parts of the dominions of his Catholick
Majesty in America, commonly called el Pacto de el Asiento de Negros, for the space of thirty years
successively, beginning from the first day of the month of May, in the year 1713, with the same
conditions on which the French enjoyed it, or at any time might or ought to enjoy the same, together with
a tract or tracts of Land to be allotted by the said Catholick King, and to be granted to the company
aforesaid, commonly called la Compania de el Asiento, in some convenient place on the river of Plata,
(no duties or revenues being payable by the said company on that account, during the time of the above
mentioned contract, and no longer) and this settlement of the said society, or those tracts of land, shall be
proper and sufficient for planting, and sowing, and for feeding cattle for the subsistence of those who are
in the service of the said company, and of their negroes; and that the said negroes may be there kept in
safety till they are sold; and moreover, that the ships belonging to the said company may come close to
land, and be secure from any danger. But it shall always be lawful for the Catholick King, to appoint an
officer in the said place or settlement, who may take care that nothing be done or practised contrary to his
royal interests. And all who manage the affairs of the said company there, or belong to it, shall be subject
to the inspection of the aforesaid officer, as to all matters relating to the tracts of land above mentioned.
But if any doubts, difficulties, or controversies, should arise between the said officer and the managers for
the said company, they shall be referred to the determination of the governor of Buenos Ayres. The
Catholick King has been likewise pleased to grant to the said company, several other extraordinary
advantages, which are more fully and amply explained in the contract of the Asiento, which was made
and concluded at Madrid, the 26th day of the month of March, of this present year 1713. Which contract,
or Asiento de Negros, and all the clauses, conditions, privileges and immunities contained therein, and
which are not contrary to this article, are and shall be deemed, and taken to be, part of this treaty, in the
same manner as if they had been here inserted word for word

Asiento--concession from Spain to Britain. Scroll down.