The Constitution


The U.S. Constitution


For the Constitution, read the following sections closely: Article I, Section 8; Article I, Section 9; Article II, Section 2; and Article III, Section 2.

Also, one characteristic of the debate over the Constitution came in its unusual ratification process: each state was told to assemble a special legislative body, or "convention," whose sole purpose was to consider the ratification of the adoption. This debate produced a remarkable array of political discussion.

As events developed, the critical state in the ratification process was New York, which also produced the most sophisticated political analysis. Read the two documents below. The first, from Brutus, represented the Anti-Federalist position, which opposed adoption of the Constitution. The second, Federalist 10, was written by future president James Madison, and argued for adopting the Constitution. What do you see as the MOST important difference between the two?


Federalist 10