Nationalism, Internationalism, and the European Order

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British soldiers at the Battle Of Ypres (France), 1916

This week's class returns to Europe, to look at World War I.  We return to a very different continent than the one that we left during the Metternich era. The rise of secret diplomacy--a good example is the Treaty of London, below--had created a fundamentally unstable order, and, as you hopefully remember from Diplomacy, each of the major powers considered itself vulnerable.  Reading for today is a time line and a few very short documents--but you should devote a little more time than usual to the reading, if that's OK. The quiz will all be on material related to the documents and the timeline, but if you need background, it's there in the SB.



World War I time line (please go through each year, as well as all the maps)


Treaty of London (1915)--Allies and Italy, negotiated to obtain Italy's entrance into the war
German "blank check" to Austria (1914)--authorizing ultimatum to Serbia
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (1918)--Russian capitulation to Germany
Woodrow Wilson: Peace without Victory address (1917)--Wilsonian statement of desired war aims