Anthony de Jesús 


Thomas J. Knock, To End All Wars: Woodrow Wilson and the Quest for A New World Order 



Chapter 1 – A Political Autobiography

Chapter 2 – Wilson and the Age of Social Inquiry

Chapter 3 – Searching for a New Diplomacy

Chapter 4 – The Political Origins of Progressive and Conservative Internationalism

Chapter 5 – The Turning Point

Chapter 6 – Raising a New Flag: The League and the Coalition of 1916

Chapter 7 – “All the Texts of the Rights of Man”: Manifestoes for Peace and War

Chapter 8 – “If the War Is Too Strong”: The Travail of Progressive Internationalism and the Fourteen Points

Chapter 9 – Waiting for Wilson: The Wages of Delay and Repression

Chapter 10 – “The War Thus Comes to an End”

Chapter 11 – The Stern Covenanter

Chapter 12 – “A Practical Document and a Humane Document”

Chapter 13 – “The Thing Reaches the Depth of Tragedy”

Chapter 14 – Wilson’s Fate