Michael Williams

Akira Iriye, Power and Culture: The Japanese-American War 1941-1945. 


Study Questions: 

Ch1. The End to Uncertainty: 

A. Japanese foreign policy 

  1. Power-based imperialism centered on gaining land and resources in China and Southern Asia. Intention on creating a Japanese regional bloc.
  2. Cultural conflicts between different Western and Japanese ideologies.


B. US foreign policy 


Ch 2. Abortive New Order: 

Ch 3. Redefining War Aims: 

Ch 4. Japanese-American Rapprochement: 


Ch 5. Making of Post-War Asia:

Ch 6. Conclusions: 


Iriye’s conclusion is that the US and Japan had similar economic and cultural goals in Asia. The war resulted from a power struggle, not over what to do, but who would do it.