After months of experiencing the horror and futility of Brooklyn College's position  (and the actions of  both the President and Department Chairman) with regards to the KC Johnson issue, I was recently relieved to hear that Chancellor Goldstein and the Trustees, acting with wisdom, fairness and logic, had exercised their lawful right and granted this benchmark of professorship his tenure, allowing him to instruct CUNY students in the very merits, ideologies and thoughts that he so acutely possesses.  As I harp upon a "victory" per se, I realize that in the end, it was the College and the University that was so tarnished by the contumacious and often doltish actions of a minority that would not realize the gravity of the situation and the now obvious importance of KC Johnson to the BC community, CUNY and the City of New York as a whole. 

Now the preposterously termed "Integrity Committee" has been summoned to shift blame off of the very people who perpetrated these far-reaching and negative actions.  Steered by a leader who feels left out to dry by his superiors, and by a humiliated department head, Brooklyn College now seeks to once again thumb their nose at CUNY and the Trustees by adamantly purporting the fact that even though they were judged wrong- by the students, the media, the public and by  CUNY- it was Chancellor Goldstein who tarnished the image of CUNY and has ruined it for future scholars, educators and students.  A more disrespectful motion cannot be envisaged.  It is now painfully obvious that within the confines of that Flatbush campus, there exists a small, ignorant and proactive minority that really has no regard for the very institution that has provided them with salaries and the ability to teach.  

CUNY's decision was one of merit and caring for the students and the Institution.  The granting of tenure should be enforced, regardless of this budding cabal of ignorant dissent.  My College and University need not be defamed and slandered any further.  If CUNY allows BC to deny and usurp its' power and prevent a widely accredited teacher from helping further generations of America, it will become an airport for the absurdity that has hitherto been so rampantly flying around Bedford Avenue and Glenwood Road.

Thanking you for your time and prompt attention to this matter, I remain,

Very Truly Yours,
George Ioannidis