December 4, 2002


The marchers gear up outside of Campus Gate

CLAS chief of staff Yehuda Katz and sister Nikki urge retaining good teachers

The Brothers Kleinman prepare to enter campus, as do Jason Weiser and Yong Chen

The protest march begins: 1, 2

Samantha Rosenblum and Sr. Christine Sciascia brave the elements

Thomas Stoppini speaks up on behalf of quality

Dan Weininger confers with Sun reporter Anita Jain

Jenna Schlanger and Mme. Vice President say "no to academic terrorists"

Brad Appell addresses the rally outside of Boylan

The marchers congregate outside of Boylan

Nicole Valentine, Isaac Franco, and Yehuda Katz present the over-450 signatures at the president's office

The march concludes

photos courtesy of Alyson Silver
fine artist--photographer: