Reading notes, week 2

For page numbers, I have used the magic marker #s at the bottom of the page.

START at the bottom of p. 47 "Spain in the International order . . ."--read the next two pages closely--good discussion of Spanish international context

pp. 47-55--skim. The only important things to get from this section are that the Spanish after 1750 attempted administrative reforms called the Bourbon reforms, that these reforms met resistance in colonial Spanish America, and that the Spanish-American elite was not united.

pp. 55-57--important discussion of awkward state of revolutions--want independence from Spain, but don't want social revolution. As yourself: what is a social revolution?

57-58--read closely; conclusion is important

pp. 59-61--skim very quickly, unless you are interested in early Haitian history

pp. 61-65--skim: but understand 1.) why Haiti developed economically the way it did; and 2.) how France was able to retain control

p. 66--read very closely--what made Haiti unique as a country?

pp. 67-71: skim

pp. 72-75--read closely, good summary of differing historical interpretations. You can skim the rest of the reading.