History 439

The Reagan Years

March 22, 2007


I. Transforming M.E. International Relations
            1. The Eagleton Amendment and Its Effects (Congress—new internationalists and Greek lobby; reaction; significance of Turkey)

            2. Carter and the Middle East Peace Process (Sadat and Begin; nature of settlement; limited political benefits)

            3. The Iranian Revolution (US intelligence failure; death of regime; hostages and American popular culture; “rescue mission” and resignation of Vance; crisis and its effects)

            4. The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan (Afghanistan and the great game; deposition Zahir Shah and beginning of instability; Islam and Communism; Brezhnev Doctrine and assassination of Amin; Karmal presidency and invasion; origins of mujahadin)


II. Reagan and the Middle East

            1. The Reagan Team (importance of William Casey, Haig, Kirkpatrick; nomination of Lefever; Weinberger; increasing importance of NSC)

            2. AWACS (Big Oil and Saudi alliance; altered strategic situation—Iran, Yemen, Ethiopia, Sadat assassination; Reagan and confronting Congress; Israel Lobby and House rejection; significance of Jepsen; final Senate vote)


III. Iran-contra

            1. Lebanon and Iran (Reagan and international terrorism; Iran-Iraq war and Middle East balance of power; Israeli invasion of Lebanon; US troops to Lebanon: War Powers Act and Hezbollah terrorist attack; hostages and US response; search for the Iran “moderates”; role of NSC; diversion of funds to contras)     

2. The Scandal Breaks (Hasenfus and crash; from Lebanon to Washington; Meese investigation; Tower Committee; what was Reagan’s role? Bush’s; Inouye Committee and North as GOP folk hero)