Italian American Literature and Film
Prof. Fabio Girelli-Carasi

   LECTURE 10  

   MAY 1  


FILENAME:  lastname.DATE (check previous assignments for the date format)

Email subject: assignment DATE (check previous assignments for the date format)



REMINDER: The blog IS your attendance. No blog, no points for attendance.


  1. Do yourself a favor and DO NOT WATCH the film before reading the book.
  2. If you have seen the film before, try NOT to visualize the book narration based on Coppola's interpretation. Wait to watch it again AFTER you read the book.
  3. The book is a breeze, it goes quickly and easily. BUT it's long. So, get started as soon as you can and, if you can, read past the assigned portion.



task 1    THE GODFATHER  Book 1 (to page 144 of my edition).
task 2:  A brief but meaningful answer about what you know about The Godfather, what you expect, and where you got your information from. If you have not watched the film yet, WAIT until after the book. It's worth it.
Task 3:  

A well thought-out essay for grade, a solid page full of nice references to the text etc. etc. etc.

Write a letter to Christ in Concrete.   Not to the author, not to the characters, but to the book itself.  Imagine that you were writing to a person to tell him/her how you feel about meeting and getting to know him/her.

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