Italian American Literature and Film 
   SPRING 2017

Prof. Fabio Girelli-Carasi


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task 1:  Copy the following statement: "Late assignments and / or assignments that do not meet format requirements will not be graded."

task 2 

Witchcraft in SON OF ITALY


I forgot to mention the GOOD SPIRITS people believe in, first of all "guardian angels."  A question you could ask yourself is: do I believe in miracles?

Write a FULL PARAGRAPH with your comments and observations. (Do you want to talk about your beliefs in the occult or non-visible reality)



SON OF ITALY  Exploitation in Italy and in the U.S.


Write a FULL PARAGRAPH with your comments and observations. If you did a search on today's slavery conditions in Florida, write about that.

Task 3  FINISH reading SON of ITALY   Write NOTES
Task 4   after completing the notes for SON OF ITALY, look them over and see if there is a pattern

For instance:

  • Are you mostly concerned with the general themes of the story?
  • OR: Are you focused more on pathos and the emotional toll, and you identify with the inner life of the writer?
  • OR: are you more interested in the FACTS, the HISTORICAL information, the things you are learning about the larger SOCIO-ECONOMIC issues?


Is your inclination more RATIONAL and ANALYTIC or do you tend to EMPATHIZE with stories and characters?

WRITE at least two solid paragraphs. Do not shoot from the hip: plan what you want to say, write slowly and deliberately. CHECK for spelling grammar syntax and sentence structure.

Task 5       WRITING ASSIGNMENT:   REQUIRED only for students whose last names begin with letters N-Z included.

"My immigrant experience"  at least a full page

 Write about your personal experience as an immigrant, or that of your parents, or grandparents, or other members, or friends you are close to. Tell their story but not just the sequence of events. What is special about that experience despite the fact that millions of people have gone through similar struggles.
If you don't know anyone personally and only have acquaintances, write about what you know and what you imagine it must be like to be an immigrant. Try to get inside the person, to envision and comprehend their inner world of hopes, fears and ....