Bad Karma in my classes?
It could be.


FALL 2016

sept 6

I am very sorry I missed the first day of class, my father had experienced some stroke like symptoms and It was difficult to come in.

As I mentioned to you after our last class period, I am unable to attend class tomorrow, Wednesday Sept 7th, due to my travels to xxxxx. As this trip is a necessary one (for matrimonial purposes) it was one in which could not be rescheduled. Please accept my sincerest apologies for missing your class, and know that I will make sure to keep current with the readings and film assignments as outlined both in the syllabus and on blackboard.


Aug 17
Good Morning Professor,
I am emailing you because I was unable to submit Monday's assignment on Monday because I had a death in the family and was completely unavailable for anything but to be with my family at this time. My grandmother passed away Sunday night. I attached the weeks assignment in this email. I know that you do not accept late assignments but was hoping that an exception be made due to the circumstances. Please let me know if you need me to provide a sort of statement for this matter or if it is something that I should bring up to the department. I would like to be able to receive credit for the assignment, as I do take my work in this class serious. I understand that this is me asking for an exception, and I hope that it is taken into consideration. Please let me know if this would be possible. I will submit tomorrow's assignment as scheduled.
June 13

I just realized when I went to go check on my returned assignments that my June 9th assignment did not make it to you. I have been traveling abroad for the past week and believe it was a wifi issue (bad karma!). I do understand if you cannot accept it, but I just wanted to be sure I sent it either way. 


This is the assignment redone. I apologize I did not get it in on June 4th- my brother was leaving for basic training and I was not around the computer where the file was. 

So sorry! 


Dear Professor Fabio,

My apologies for sending you this video only now.. I was out of the country and my macbook had a virus. I am only now getting it to function the way it should.

Attached is my introductory video. I am hoping this course will prep me for my return visit to Milan later in September.



This past week has been very rough for my family due to a cousin of my being murdered. 
I'm letting you know because I haven't been able to give in my homework's for this week 
in time do to all the funeral services and burial services. I was wondering how you would like me 
to send you documented evidence of the circumstances so that my homework's won't be counted as late. 

On behalf of me of my family we would like to say thank you for your condolences. In regards to the document, the funerals were on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I was unaware that Funeral Homes served those documents. If there is any other way please that I can show you proof, please let me know. If not I completely understand if my assignments for this week are marked late. 


FALL 2015
Aug 16
My name is xxxxx I'm an incoming student enrolled in your 12:50 Thursday section. 
My family and I have scheduled a vacation for August 20th to the 26th and will not be in the country. 
Therefore any assignments due on the first day of class i need to have completed by this friday. 
Please let me know if my email address is suitable or if I have to use my gmail address. also any other 
tasks that need to be completed before the first day would be extremely helpful. 
Thank you and enjoy the rest of your summer.
Aug 21
I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to read as yet. 
I'm hoping to start tonight. 
There was a death in my family and I haven't had time to read.
Aug. 22
Good afternoon,
On the first day of class I have a funeral to attend and I will not be able 
to go to any classes that day. If necessary I can bring proof that 
I was there. I just wanted to let you know and see if this may be a problem. 
I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 

 Never brought any proof



My name is xxxxx and I am in your core 3103 class. 
I was wondering if I could still get credit for completing all
pre course tasks if I have ordered the book but won’t have it in time for the first class? 
I requested the book from the Fordham university library
and I was told I can pick it up on September 2. 
Sept 16
 Hi professor. My name is xxxxxx and am in your Mon and Wed 11-12:15 pm class, 

ITAL. 1010. I am emailing you to inform you, that my father had passed away quite

recently, which is why I have yet to attend class.

I will be attending the next one and will make up any work necessary.

 I would like to speak with you after class, the next one following. 

Please get back to me when you see this. Thank you. Have a great day !

This is vvvvv I missed class last Wednesday due to my sickness. 
Today I can't come in because my daughter has virus and high temperature. 
I promise that I won't miss your class anymore.


I am one of your Thursday students. I come from Staten Island and have a class
directly after yours. I watched the film last night and came to Brooklyn a half
hour early to take the quiz. I was denied access to a computer because of
something wrong with my ID and I cannot access the file on my phone.
I know you don't make exceptions but I honestly cannot get it done.
Would I be able to turn it in tonight when I get home and have a computer to use? 



Sept 26  Telephone call from a student.


A student came to my office: he was absent the first three classes. He suffers from a serious medical condition: he has a statement from a doctor describing his condition and medication. The statement does not specify if in those dates the student was hospitalized.

I accept the excuse nevertheless.


One week later the same student sends me an email message: he wants me to call him because of an emergency.  Believing it has to do with his illness, I call him.


Not really. On the phone he tells me that his girlfriend’s father died and he has to go to the funeral in the Midwest and stay to seat Shiva. He returns two weeks later without any proof of having attended a funeral.




September 28, 2015

Just in today.


The start of this semester has been really tough for me, first with the loss of a family member and the

passing of  storm XXX  which claimed lives of friends on my island XXXXX.

I just received news that my cousin who had been in a coma Friday passed today.

I am asking for some sensitivity while i deal with everything. Please excuse me

 if i miss assignments as i will be returning home.

Please allow me to hand them in on my return.I will do what ever is necessary to catch up




Sept 30

A student at the end of class mentioned that she hasn’t been able to keep up with work. She is making no excuses, she is simply explaining that she is going through a divorce. Age 24.



Oct 5

Hello professors,
 I will not be attendance of class this
week. My cousin passed away yesterday morning and services will be 
Wednesday and Thursday. I will be back in classes starting next week.
Thank you for your understanding.


Oct 7

Last Wednesday i was in the hospital with a sever flu. I have a doctors note that i was

going to give to you tomorrow. Right now i will send you a copy via email. 

Thank You 

-----  the note did not have a date on it (when was it issued? For what days was it valid?)


Oct 14

Buongiorno Professore Carasi,

I apologize for the last minute notice, but I will not be able to attend class

today due to an unsuspected familial emergency. 


Oct 15

Hi Professor,
I am emailing you to keep you updated on
what is going on. Things have gotten a bit more complicated with my 
injury and I will be going into surgery and I won’t be able to come to 
school for a long period afterwards. My mother and I are trying to see 
if there was a way to get transportation to the school from where I am 
staying as I will have a brace from the top of my leg to my ankle 
therefore not allowing me to go to school for a couple more weeks after.
 I am unsure of how long I will be like this it all depends on how my 
body responds to the physical therapy. It could take from 2 weeks up to a
 month before i can unlock the brace to move my leg. With that said I 
tried talking to the school to see if they could provide me with this 
transportation and they told me they would have to see. I am now stuck 
between the position of not knowing what will happen for the rest of the
 semester. I might have to withdraw from classes because it is a little 
difficult learning the material without going to class. I talked to the 
Bursars office and they told me they were unable to give me my money 
back so I can continue next semester and I can’t afford to lose that 
money because of an injury. I was wondering if there was any way you 
could help me in trying to get a good grade for this class so I can 
continue studying and not have to drop out?


OCT 21

A student came to talk to me during class. She missed 3 classes (three whole weeks  - ITAM course). Reason:  she had to study for her citizenship exam plus she was briefly evicted from her place.

No further details.



Oct 22

At the end of class today a student told me she needed another invitation to join the blog. Somehow all the previous postings she had written had vanished and she couldn’t log on anymore.


While she was there, I told her that I saw she was texting during class and I don’t want that to happen again. She said she had to text with her mother because there was an emergency. Yes, that’s another one of those excuses that I will believe.



Oct 27

Dear Professor,


I remember that you said not to let you know whenever we were going to be absent.

I am the type of student that don't miss out classes. I considered this to be a special situation.  

I have a delicate issue with one of my children at school. A teacher physically abused him.

Consequences of this I need to attend to a meeting to resolve the situation.

They scheduled the meeting at 5:00pm.  I want to know if you allow me to come late to your class.

I will leave to college as soon the meeting is over. I don't want to miss the entire class.


NOV. 13


Good Morning professor I don't mean to bother you.

But lately I've been having some serious family issues

that has been making it very difficult for me to read.

Because "Christ In Concrete" is the toughest one of the

books we read I'm trying to understand the reading but it

has been difficult. I'm still trying my best to complete

this great opportunity you have given me to complete my make

up work. I will like to know if you are aware of when is the

last day to complete an INC grade. I will make sure to

complete this reading.
Thank you.


Nov 17

As mentioned in my last assignment, the play I am in, "XXX" will be opening this Friday night.

Due to that I have tech and dress rehearsals the whole week, every night. And these are very

important rehearsals that I can not miss. Therefore, I am so sorry I have to excuse

myself from tomorrow's class. But, is it possible for me to please pass you my

assignment for this week and get credited for it, please? 


I hope all is well. I had an appointment in the AM and I finished much later than 
I thought. I didn't think it would take that long. I told one my class mates to let 
you know I will be absent today. Please let me know what I missed, 
so I won't be left behind. Thanks for understanding! 


I have to go to FOREIGN COUNTRY due to a family matter, and the flight is at 7:30pm on Wednesday, Nov 18.

Would you please let me take the quiz (Nov 18) before class during your office hours?

I have done the readings and assignments, and I really didn't want to miss the quiz.

Please let me know if this works for you, I'd really appreciate it.

FOLLOW UP I really don't know of any reasons why you cannot give me the quiz during your office hours.

It seemed to me like a fair request on my part, since I have never missed a class so far,

and is due to an extenuating circumstance that I won't be able to attend it tomorrow.

Last week we didn't have class, but I still did the assignment.

Please let me take the quiz tomorrow at 4pm, so I can go to the airport right after. It's all I'm asking. 



Nov 18
I apologize for not being present last class on November 18th as I was not feeling well.

I will contact other classmates about what I missed.

Again, I apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused.

Then she skipped Nov 25 also




Nov 25

I will not  be attending class today do to family obligations. 


Have a happy holiday, 



Nov 25

My sister is being given a spinal tap today at 6:30pm. I have to be present cause it's just me and her.

I was hoping to take the quiz and then head to the hospital to be with her.

This is her second time so we know what to expect.
Also could I get credit for the assignment for today although

I wil have to leave class? I asked the hospital if they could give some type

of letter but because I am not a patient I was not able to get a formal letter.



Nov 25

Greetings Professor,


Due to a very important assignment I wont be able to attend class.

The assignment is due today and it took longer than I had predicted.

This assignment is for my major class and a lot of the material is required for my

Winter Course in California. I will make sure I get all the notes from a classmate. 



I know this is a rather strange question to ask, but I was wondering if you would

be okay if I didn't come to class on Wednesday. I didn't want to skip and lie about it,

and I understand if it's totally not okay, but it's alumni day at my high school

starting at 1:30 and I wanted to try and see if you would accept that as a plausible excuse. 




Dec 9


This xxxx from xxxx  class.I am sorry that I wasn't in the class today,

I have a big complications with my pregnancy. I have partial placental

abruption and my doctor said I have to be in the bed all the time, I can not walk for a long period of time, I can not stand or sit.

 I am missing some of my quizzes, I have a question if I will do good on the final exam,  

will I have a chance to get a better grade in your class? Because I really was trying hard to do my best. 

(I got back to my office a little earlier and she was walking around the hallway.

She looked embarrassed when she saw me. After I read her message I understood why.)



Dec 9

Hello professor,
Sorry for the late email, my grandmother passed away today and my mind has
been going crazy. I am going to come to class tomorrow but I feel as if 
I am a little behind. I will have everything up and posted for you as soon as I can. 
I apologize for the in convince.
This was actually true. The student brought me an official note, without being asked.


Dec 16

Professor I just had a family emergency I can't make it anytime today.Thanks for telling me

to come at 4pm but I can't make it today I'm so sorry.





In reverse chronological order


May 10


Due to a minor family emergency, I will not be able to make class today. I can come by near the end of class or during your office hours to drop off my portfolio and fully explain the situation. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience.



May 10


This is late and unprofessional but I had a terminate/bug issue at my apartment building and there was issues with my room (clothes, desks etc) and my papers were mixed in and must have been thrown out in all the commotion. I can not find my quizzes and a few notes. I'm not sure what I can do to replace them. I had to leave the premise to another room and can not find them. Is there anything I can do? 

Again I know this is late and untimely, I never realized they were not in my binder.

Thank You


May 4, 2016


I just wanted to notify you that I have a family emergency and I will not be able to make it back in time for class tonight. I will be submitting my assignment but please let me know if there is anything I could do to make up for the test I will be missing today (not sure if it counts for more since its on more text). Hope you understand and please contact me back when you have the chance regarding this. Thank you. 




Same person


Hello professor,


After reviewing my emails numerous times I figured out what happened to two of my assignments. The one dated "xxxxxx.March31" was not graded by you (I sent it with the correct formatting). The "xxxxx.feb18" was sent by an alternative email (  I also have a March 17th assignment that looks like it failed to send - but I have it dated from March 16th. The April 7th document was also sent, but you discredited it. I put a lot of effort into completing assignments correctly, and this is very embarrassing. I am sorry and I really hope you please let me have one more chance.


Hello professor,


I went through my emails and found that either a) the emails didn't go through and were sent to draft or b)I did not send them to you. I have some assignments saved on my computer (and dated from the time I was supposed to send them), but they were not sent. As of now I only have three credited assignments. Is there any way I can please send you these assignments that weren't graded? I can prove to you that they were written before the due date, but there was an error on my part in terms of sending them. I am very sorry and I really try to do well in class. This was a major mistake on my part and I was too focused on writing the assignment and emailing questions that I forgot to check that they were sent. 


Thank you,



Good morning Professor, I wasn't feeling too well this morning. I woke up and I started throwing up. I have a really bad stomach ache and feel really nauseous and light headed. I apologize for my tardiness nevertheless. 


Good night Professor, so  I heard you sent email out like an hour ago to watch a movie but I never got a email and the link is not the course webpage.

I cannot prove she did not receive my email. However, she 'heard' that I sent one.....


On 12.4.2016


 Unfortunately I will not be able to attend class because there was a tragedy in the family and I will not be in New York . I wanted to know if this absence can be excused.

(I asked for proof. Nothing)



I apologize for my unexpected absence today but I had to have an immediate surgery for an infected root canal. 
I will be in class next week and will bring the necessary documents from my dentist regarding this issue. 
I will contact my classmates and find out what I missed in class and will be there next Wednesday.
Never brought proof.





I noticed two students looking at their cell phones.

Lucky them, we were in the middle of a full blown discussion about a topic the class clearly cared about and I didn’t want to spoil the moment.


At the end of class I summoned the first:

She acknowledged it and explained that they had a recent death in the family. Her mother was traveling and she needed to get in touch with her urgently.

Oh really, it could not wait half an hour?


Student two:

She is the same student who EARLIER wanted to walk out for a ‘bathroom break’ and I told her she couldn’t.

When I told her about the phone she was taken by surprise.  Her reaction: can’t I even look at it? “NO”.  What if it is an emergency? “NO.” Not even in an emergency? “NO.”


The logic here is to get away with it using a WHAT IF hypothetical scenario as the reason. Nice try.



I've been facing troubles to log in to the blog. It says the blog is open to invited readers only.

Also, due to serious family circumstances I had to leave to a hospital early this morning and had no chance to notice you in advance. I apologize for that. 
I am looking forward to your class next Thursday and please , let me know about the access to the blog.



I wasn't able to do what the email stated until today. I was admitted to the hospital last week and didn't get discharge until yesterday afternoon due to a chronic stomach disease.

I just wanted to inform you so you won't think I'm going to do everything last minute.



  Good morning.  My family and I have planned our annual vacation for March 19th to March 26th of this year.  Unfortunately this would mean that I would miss our Thursday March 24th class (Italian-American Literature & Film, 8am).  May I do any scheduled in-class assignments (quizzes, tests, etc.) before I leave or when I return?  I will certainly post to the blog and e-mail the out of class assignments while I'm away.  In addition, I can furnish proof of the hotel booking in order to validate my reason for missing class that day.  Thank you very much for your time.



Good evening professor. I just wanted to let you know that I won't be coming to class today. 
My daughter got sick so I'm taking care of her. 



Dear Professor Girelli-Carasi,

I regret to say that I will not be in class tomorrow. My father died over the weekend, if there is any way for me to make up the missed class time please let me know.