Prof. Fabio Girelli-Carasi


Read and comply with all the requirements

1. Your email address must contain both FULL first and last name.   

If your name is already taken try something else

Example: (although it's hard to believe you need suggestions)    

Other common method: Add digits to your name:

Or insert # & *% between first and last name


NEVER use sequences from your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.  In particular NEVER use the last four digits.

To facilitate access to the blog and other functions (private youtube etc) I recommend using GMAIL.



When you create your account, make sure the screen name (the name that shows up in the receiver's inbox) is your FIRST and LAST NAME. No pseudonyms, or nicknames, please.

This is what your screen name must look like.

Send a message to yourself to verify that the screen name is correct.


  1. Treat EMAIL as a FORMAL means of communication.
  2. In the SUBJECT always enter the main topic of your message.
  3. Don't recycle old messages when you initiate a new conversation.
  4. If you REPLY attach the original message at the bottom (set the options accordingly.)
  5. ALWAYS begin with salutations or the recipient's name.
  6. ALWAYS append your signature at the end (set your email program to do it automatically.)

  7. Avoid abbreviations, slang and cuteness. Use capital letters and punctuation. No stream of consciousness.
  8. The use of magic words (please, thank you) and politeness in general is strongly encouraged.

  9. Exchange phone numbers or email addresses with your classmates.
  10. Avoid writing to your instructors to tell them you were not in class (they already know) or will miss class; to ask for a summary of the lecture; or to ask for the assignment.  Email/call a classmate instead.


1. Does your email address meet the requirements?

2. Does your screen name appear in every message?

3. Did you set up an automatic signature?