VOLERE = to want
 POTERE = to be able to, 'can'
DOVERE = to have to, must
io  voglio io posso io devo
tu vuoi tu puoi tu devi
lei vuole lui puo' lei deve
noi vogliamo noi possiamo noi dobbiamo
voi volete voi potete voi dovete
loro vogliono loro possono loro devono


Esercizio 1: Write sentences with the following structure:


I want to _________, but I can't because I must _______
(use different subject)




Esercizio 2: Traducete

This is a difficult exercise. Do it to the best of your abilities. Use only a dictionary.

Check the answers (link below) and self correct.

  1. I want to go out tonight. I want to go to an elegant Italian restaurant.


  1. Do you wan to study at the library or at home?


  2. Your friends donít want to spend time in the living room.


  3. Who wants to come to my house?


  4. I cannot teach tomorrow because I must go to the doctor


  5. Can you and your brother take (portare) my sister to the station?
  6. They can speak Chinese, Japanese and Korean but now they want to learn Italian.


  7. We have to walk for two hours.


  8. You must listen to the music of Verdi. It is fantastic.

  9. Can we play with your computer? I have to buy a new computer because mine is old.

  10. They love to dance. They must go out every night.


  11. Can we skip (saltare) the class today? The weather is nice and I donít want to go to school.