ITALIAN 1010  summer 17
Correspondence from students: a class of 20, in approx 2 weeks (and I left out about 1/2)

Hope all is well. I am sending this email to ask if the In-Person Meeting on the 7th of June is mandatory? I understand that it is a
very helpful and informational meeting for the online course, but I will be spending my summer back home in Sweden and have
arranged to leave on the 29th of May before I knew about the meeting. I would appreciate if You would be so kind and get back to me. 


Yes of course. But except for the informational meeting on June 7th we don't have to meet at any other point during the 5 week course right? 


Do you know what days we will be meeting and at what time? 


I recently enrolled in your course and wanted to know in advance of any mandatory
course materials that I would have to purchase. It would help me a lot in preparing for the class. 


I just submitted a post on the blog but I have a question about it. i tried to submit it under my name, but for some reason t
he system didn't allow me to and submitted it as unknown profile. How would i chnge it to display my name and
correct it so that it shows my name in the future?


Hello professor, I have attached my June 1 assignment. I have a question on the syllabus is this week 1 we are starting.
I'm just a little confused because there are no dates listed only weeks. Also, completing the tasks for week 1
( and the weeks 
morning forward) is there a specific time the compito is due or just sometime during that specific week? 
Lastly,  on the top of the syllabus it says "Complete all the <Preliminary Tasks>  Compose and send me an email 

In the body of the message explain what COMPITO means." When are we supposed to do this by?



Sorry for the name mistake my phone had done a typo mistake it will never happen again.


I also wanted to make sure that I correctly sent the initial e-mail you requested so I can proceed to comment on the blog post.
 If I responded incorrectly, I am happy to send it again.

With the YouTube for task 4 how do we make a video on our computers
 I don't understand the task at all may you explain it to me?



Would a simple letter from my immediate supervisor suffice?


Wonderful, thank you, please expect an email later today. 

On the matter of your email policy, my current email is this one, with my first name abbreviated,
would this one fulfill your criteria or would you prefer I create a brand new one? 



I just updated the Screen name to show my full name. 


If you would kindly let me know if I missed anything else, I will make the appropriate
adjustments but I believe I have fulfilled the criteria. 


How should I fix my email address? 


After seeing the article you posted on the syllabus for us to read. I am assuming you mean
I should change my email address because it says XXXXXX? xxxxx

is actually my middle name and xxx is numbers which have importance to me. Do I still need to change it? 


I just signed up for the course I am catching up with all the assignments will be good to go by tomorrow.

Hi Professor Girelli-Casari,

For tasks 7,8,9, and 10 for Compito 8giugno I am confused about Sezione 3 and Sezione 4. Task 7 says 
to study Sezione 3 Maschile e femminile 
but Sezione 3 is not Maschile e femminile. For task 8 there is no Sezione 3 esercizio 1. 
I do see that Sezione 10 is about Maschile e femminile but there is no esercizio 1. 
For task 9 and 10, there is no Sezione 4 but I do see that Sezione 11 is about 
“Verbo Essere” and has an exercise for it.
Should I assume for task 9 and 10 that we should do Sezione 
11 and the exercise?
For task 7 should we study Sezione 10 instead? What exercise should we do for task 8?

Somehow this student found a long-abandoned page from a previous version of the site.


Hi Professor Girelli-Casari,

I checked all the links posted on the compito and they all have the same problem I noted below

 Am I the only student who has noted this problem? Are you able to see

Sezione 4 from the links in the Compito?



Hi Professor Girelli-Casari,

I cleared the cache on both browsers for my computer and used both Safari and Google Chrome.
I have attached a screenshot so you can see how it goes from Sezione 3 to Sezione 9.
I actually work as software and tech support for my job so I am pretty familiar with computers a
nd am confused as to why you cannot see the same problem I am encountering.

Thank you Professor Girelli-Casari.

I can see the exercises and Seziones 3 and 4 from this attachment which will allow me to do my compito.

I will try and do a full shutdown and clear both history and caches again.
I am emailing you to receive my "italian name" in order to email the f

irst assignment in proper format, as listed in the assignment instructions. 

I am having a few problems with the assignments and how they show up when

I open it on my laptop I am seeing
something different from when I open it on my iPad and I am getting a bit confused. I

 was wondering
if you could tell me which one is the right one. I will attach pictures of each below


They both were the same link I choose. so I don't understand. 

I did not receive an email with my Italian name yet but I wanted to make sure

I handed this assignment in on time. If I need to correct it once I receive my Italian name I will. Thank you. 

attached is my homework for June 8.
Please confirm that you recieved it and are able to open the youtube videos.

 neve made a youtube video before so I am not sure if I did it correctly.

Thank you and looking foward to meeting you in class tomoroow. 

I am still not sure which one to do I click lesson 1 and two different things comes

up should I do them both and send to you? 

From an unrecognizable email address


I have created a email address for this class.


I followed up with my employer today and she has not checked all

her emails yet I will follow up with her Monday. 


This email is In reference to your earlier email concerning previous requirements. I

 have completed all the assignments from
1 giugno, and have created a youtube account from Lesione e compito -

Scadenza 8 giugno.
Were these the requirements you were referring to? Can I still complete the task from

 Lezione e compete -
 scadenza 8 giugno? Thank you for your time and attention to this email.


I just finished doing the blog assignment.I am trying to do #4

(the assignment about the videos),
but it seems that everything was erased.Is there any way I can access to them?


Thank you professor , you will be emailing us our grades ? 


Hello professor I am confused about this task, did I forget to do something ?


Hello professor, I am unsure if I have completed everything for this

past weeks assignment.
 I am little confused because of the email you just sent and also I was looking over the course 
 I completed everything on the LEZIONE UNO: COMPITO.

But after looking at the calendar I didn't complete 
compito 2 & 4 that are listed there.

If I could call you at some point that would be great.
I just don't want my grade to be effected by this. 

The student ignored this


Dates, lesson plans and assignments

are to be regarded as indicative only.
The course homepage contains the

calendar of record.
Detailed and updated information on

lectures and assignments are published timely on the course homepage.


Professor , for this assignment I only need to include what the translation is a

nd not the words that are already written corrrct ? 


For example when completing this exercise do I need to write the Italian word then the English word, or only the English word?

I still have not received a grade for the first Compito. 

Would just like to stay into of the sheet. 


Professor Carasi,

May I still submit the June 8th assignment? 



Should we email the questions to our Partner and copy you?

Or should we list the questions in the blog? 


Hello professor,

How do I see who is my partner? 



I finished everything on the blog, I apologize for the late email, I had  

missed the note on top of Compito 1. 

I believe that COMPITO means, tasks or assignment.

Please see Week 1's compit 1 through 4.

Re-wrote everything! 

Grazie for returning the compitos. But I must say I'm a little surprised

by the low grade (65%) for 8 giugno.
Although I see that I made a few mistakes, I didn't think they were enough

to so dramatically hurt my score.

I should clarify that I did watch both videos (Task 2 and 3) before completing

the later compito tasks. I
 just wasn't sure how to properly document the videos on the homework sheet,

or if I needed to document it at all.

Please let me know where I went wrong, so that I don't make the same mistakes next time.

I apologize for the auto type. I meant to say I hurt my knee and hand last week. 


I want to work on the homework due tomorrow night but I don't know who my partener is or how
to reach them. Is it possible to tell me my partners name and email address?


Bellow you will find the video you requested.


As I am completing my compito due 14 giugno, Esercizio 4 on session

1 the video does not have audio.
Is it suppose to be like that? And if yes, I really don't know the nationalities

of more than half of the people
shown in the pictures. How can I complete this part of the compito?

I am only missing this part of the compito.


Regarding the 10 questions that we're to ask our partners, are our 10 questions

to be the same that we ask one another; or can they be different?


Sorry professor. I just got back from xxxxxx 


I will be emailing all of my homework by tonight. I have been out of the country.

Thanks professor. 

because internet is only an american affair?
Did you receive/accept my homework that was due today? 6/14/17?


6/15 Buongiono Professor,
Attached is the assignment.So sorry i am late. I was finishing the other ones first.



I'm sorry this was late. I was on vacation for a week and I've been trying

to catch up with all of my assignments. Thank you professor. 

I have two questions regarding the latest compito (19 giugno).

First, for Task 3, where it says "Write one Question/Answer for

EACH BOX in sections 1-5" -
does that mean each box itself? There are 12 boxes among the

first 5 sections, and some of
 them (like the "Nationality/Ethnicity/Culture" box) don't even

directly invoke questions.

Second, for Task 4: Esercizio 3 is an interactive assignment with

 multiple parts involved.
How should I transcribe it onto my homework sheet?



The course site states you returned this particular assignment but I did not r

eceive anything from you. I am wondering if I perhaps missed your email or

you did not yet grade my particular assignment? 


Professor why did I receive no grade for this assignment?


Once I redo the exercise, will my grade change for the homework? 


I tried to click on the link below that you sent and the URL is not found.

Can you please resend the link?

6/17  Possible plagiarism


Regarding an explanation for the task that was due on June 14th. 

You asked where did I get "Io voglio studiare medicina.,

" this information was provided throughout the text you provided. 

Voglio is located in Lezione 2 pagina 4
Studiare is located in Lezione 1 pagina 2
Medicina is located in Lezione 2 pagina

You asked where did I get question, "Quanti anni hai?", t

his material is included in our Italian Summer 2017 syllabus calendar,
under WEEK 2 COMPITO 1, also located in Lezione 1 pagina 3. 

There was no use of translators.


I formed that sentence with the all material that I went through that you have provided. I wanted to say "I want to study medicine".
I used what was provided to attempt to form a sentence to the best of my ability. 


I mentioned in my previous emails I found the word Voglio in Lezione 2 pagina 4. I did not find I want together, I found one word, i
n the text that you provided! I "Io" has been used since the beginning of the summer semester, that is where I got  or found
"I" from. I then combined, I "Io" with want "voglio", and got "I want". 


I read it in the text. I read through the entire text and complete the small activities on the right side of each page in each
 lesson when you allow access to each lesson. How I found it, is by reading it.


I dont' need to convince you. You asked from an explanation and you received it. Your entire text is NOT accessible.
You made Lezione 1, and Lezione 2 accessible. I read both Lezione 1 and Lezione 2 to its entirety. I got the word "voglio"
from Lezione 2 pagina 4 parte 6 (link below, if needed)! I read the text, not one of the zillion pages on your website,
because a zillion pages are NOT accessible, only 2 lessons! Well now 3 lessons, because lesson 6 is up as well!


I sent the statement about the syllabus and the other work on

he email I got locked out of. Do I need to it all send again?


I apologize I have been out of town involving a family crisis. I will fix this when I get back, please do not take this
as intentional things have been rather chaotic for me these past two weeks.

proof? zero


For Task 3, should I write 5 questions (for each of the 5 sections) or should I write 12 questions (for each of the 12 boxes)?

As I stated, I don't need to convince you of anything. Also, I don't owe you anything. I did my work from what you provided.

You asked for an explanation, and it was given. I have provided you with the lesson, the page, the section, and the link to
where you can find that information that I used for forming my sentence from your text.

I want = io voglio
I formed a sentence from what I've read and learned so far in the text you provided. I used all the
material I've learned to form a sentence to the best of my ability.

We've been forming sentences since the being of this semester.

I am = io sono 
I live = io abito
I work = io lavoro
I study = io studio
Provided in your text.

I've provided you with ALL  that I am to provide you with. Advise on the next steps.
6/18 I told him to check his email subject

Email subject?


compito quattordici giugno due mila diciassette

besides being late, the compito had 'assignment' in the subject instead of "compito'


I have! I sent you compito 14 Guignospell

Hope this email finds you well.

I have yet not received the last two assignments back, does that mean I did not follow the f
ormat as you requested or did you not receive my assignments? 
I will double check if I missed anything in the format. I do not mean to be an inconvenience,
but can you please let me know if I am doing something wrong in the assignments so that I can
correct it? Again, I will revisit your introduction video and also double check my assignments formats. 



I thought I re-send it to you with out the formatting. 


So let me understand this , I have received 2  zeros so far for the assignments I have completed ? 


Thank you professor. 

I am not sure why the the first link did not is the link again: https://xxxxxxxx
I apologize for the inconvenience.


I realized after reading your e-mail about credit that I did not receive a grade for Compito 1 giugno, only credit. 
I looked at the assignment again and realized that we were supposed to send an email with the subject of blog b
efore submitting the compito. I did the blog comments but I think I was accessing the cached earlier website and did 
not see the instructions about the blog e-mail that was supposed to be submitted before the compito. 
Should I send an e-mail with the subject blog?



I realized after reading your e-mail about credit that I did not receive a grade for Compito 1 giugno, only credit.

I looked at the assignment again and realized that we were supposed to send an email with the subject of blog

before submitting the compito. did the blog comments but I think I was accessing the cached earlier website

and did not see the instructions about the blog

e-mail that was supposed to be submitted before the compito. Should I send an e-mail with the subject blog?

Hello professor,

I need to speak with you about a form for my tuition and this course.

I also need to speak with you because if I receive "no grade" how do I know if the work I submitted is correct?

Please contact me at your earliest convince,


I understand that I made a few mistakes but does it really deserve an F? Also the word document that was graded was missing words, I'm not sure why.
Also the no grade is bc of the formatting but I re-sent you the assignment without formatting, is that still incorrect?


I have a question pertaining to task #7.
Are you looking only in Lesson 1 Part 2?
Or does this task pertain to Lesson 2 Dispenso I Numero?
I am confused because I cannot find many numbers in the Lesson 1 Part 2
So is this where I should be finding the numbers?
Hope you can clear this up for me

Are you expecting only 1 question per section (5 in total) for Task 3? 


You sent me these two days ago. Has there been changes since? Is  there  something I am supposed to do?

THESE what?


You sent me this email on Saturday, June 17 1:25PM. You're youtube videos are contradicting to one another. In one video you're requesting we use our last name the next requests we our Italian name. This is noted.

Does  not understand the concept of "superseding": new version cancels out old one.

Regarding Task 3, Write one Question/Answer for EACH BOX in sections 1-5 
I am assuming you mean each individual box which would excluding the nationality box which would make it more than 5 questions? 



As I was preparing to send you an email regarding tonight's compiti, I realized that I wrote the email for compiti 14 June, but did not send it. I know you do not accept late compiti, but as you can see from this screenshot with the date of the email and all of the components, that I completed it in a timely manner. Please let me know if you will take this into consideration, though it was a folly of my own doing. 

Do you want me to write homework=Compito in Italian or June=giugno in Italian? 
Will this allow me to get credit for my compito? 
I am truly sorry I keep emailing you back about the same subject. I really do not want this get a bad grade on your course. 


 I did see this email, and I apologize for misspelling compito* it was an autocorrect from my iPad. 
Does this mean that I did not get the credit because of the misspelled? 
Pardon my multiple questions regarding the same issue, this is my last course in order to graduate and i do not want to obtain a bad grade, I want to follow your requirements and want to be clear on what is that I am doing wrong so I can fix it. 
Hoping again I am not being too much of an inconvenience. 

I have a question about the homework. For the task that requires us to fill in the blank, do you want us to copy the entire page and paste it onto our homework? 

Sorry about that. I was going to write you a single thread on last week's homework as I made a few dumb mistakes, and wanted to see if I could re do it as well as talk about the YouTube. So I had tgat draft already in the subject email. 
Seems when I was writing my he email I saw the draft and just sent it. I apologize for the dumb mistake. 
I gained access to this email again. I will be using this email for the course and previously sent all the assignments besides the ones due today. (Invalid email)


Specifically what instructions am I not following? Also were the assignments I sent formatted and sent properly?

Student's email does not conform to rules. Was told to go through all instructions. Too much work apparently, Wants to know WHICH instructions.


Hi Professor,
I have read the syllabus and requirements and I believe I can work to the best of my ability in this course.

Same student. This is the initial message I asked students to send June 1..


Thank you for all your patience, I do not have Microsoft Word on my computer I cannot afford it right now. I had to go the campus to send this email. I am finally taking ownership and fully understanding what you are doing in this course. Attached is my completed assignment, I look forward to any additional feedback.
taking an online course and not having a word processing program


Sorry professore my computer just died while I was sending the homework. 

same person with wrong email address