Italian American Literature and Film 
   SUMMER 2017

Prof. Fabio Girelli-Carasi


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Task 1:    Copy this statement.

I will get an F if I fail to follow the directions for the assignment format.

Task 2:    Screen Coppola's The Godfather Part 1

Write:  Did you fall into the trap of considering Don Corleone a personal hero?  What about Michael? Is he also a hero?

  WRITE a letter to the course.

Imagine the course is a fellow passenger you met by chance, and with whom you spent a chunk of time.
And now that the journey is over you are lwriting to let it know your thoughts.

Do not write to me.
Do not write a critique about "it."
Write directly to the course. Treat it like a person (that's how Di Donato treats "Job" in Christ.)

You don't know where to begin? Start with: "Dear course, I just want to let you know....."