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Type your answers in BOLDFACE under each question



What is Geremio’s job?


What are the factors about the present job  that worry Geremio the most?


On which day of the Catholic year does Geremio suffer a deadly accident?


How does Geremio die?


On the day he died, what were Geremio and Annunziata going to buy?  


Mention one element from the book (tradition, expression, food) that is typically Italian UP TO THIS POINT.


Who is Murdin?


Murdin refers to Italians with this slur.


When Paul goes to the Police station, the policeman says that his father’s body is where? What slur does he use?


What is the outcome of the accident to Ci Luigi?

What kind of food does Paul receive from Father John?


What is the CRIPPLE’S profession?

What is the purpose of Paul and Annuziata's FIRST visit to the CRIPPLE? (No generic answers: there is a specific thing they want to find out.)

How much money does Paul get for his first week on the job?


How much money does Annunziata get from the Compensation Board for Geremio’s death?


Who says, and in what occasion:  “The Eyetalians are good workers. They are careless like children.”


What country is Louis’ family from originally?


What is their religion?


What is Louis’ belief regarding God?


Who killed Louis’s brother? 


The woman chased away the seller of holy images was pregnant: What happened to her / her child?


Who and what cause Nazone’s death?

To signal that he rejects religion and faith, what does Paul do in front of his dying mother?


Who says: “There is no God?”


And finally: based on the text, does Annunziata die at the end? Is her death implicit and obvious?
Answer Yes or No but you must show how you read the text to reach your conclusion.