Chinese Internet Sites

Inside Chinese Language Lab - Interactive Chinese lessons.

Commercial Radio Hong Kong - Listen to Hong Kong radio using RealAudio (downloadable via this page).

Chinese Classics - large collection of Chinese Classic Literature and ancient philosophy writings. Confucius, Mencius, Lao Tsu, Chuang Tsu, Sun Tsu (art of war), Guigu Zi and classic novels.

Chinese Culture On-Line

Chinese FTP Server ( - archive of Chinese texts

Classic Chinese Texts - a number of classic Chinese literary works.

Electronic Publications - There are various electronic publications both in English and Chinese (HanZi) run by Chinese volunteers.

FHY - Feng Hua Yuan - a comprehensive electronic Chinese magazine.

Wenxuan Project - Digitalization of Asian Classic Texts.

Xun, Lu

Chinese & Western Philosophy

B.Usami's page - from the Faculty of Arts, Shinshu-University Japan. Contains some picture story shows and information about Chinese philosophy and art.

Chinese Philosophy - bibliographies, electronic mailing lists, and other resources related to Chinese philosophy.

China News Digest

Chinese-language-related information page

Council on East Asian Libraries: China

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