Raymond Tung is a professor in the Department of Physics. Before joining Brooklyn College, he spent 20 years as a research scientist at Bell Laboratories. His main research interest has been in the areas of semiconductor interfaces, epitaxial growth of electronic materials, electrical and structural characterizations of materials and interfaces, etc. Mainly a solid-state experimentalist for most of his career, Prof. Tung recently tried out his (natural? uncertifiable? best-kept-hidden? better-keep-your-day-job?) talent in theoretical physics and developed two theories which demonstrated that simple chemical concepts could offer explanations to long-standing solid state physics problems, such as the Schottky barrier height problem and the band offset problem for semiconductor heterojunctions.


Modification of Schottky Barrier Height at Metal-Semiconductor Interfaces by the Formation of Interlayers

Combining UHV and Liquid Phase (CULP) Processing of Nanoparticles and Interfaces

Soft contact formation by Printing in Ultrahigh Vacuum

A Chemical Perspective of the Formation of Band-Offset and Molecular Level Alignment At Solid Interfaces

Schottky Barrier Height

Lecture to New Graduate Students 9/11/2009



Ray Tung