Paisley Currah
Department of Political Science

Paisley Currah works in the intersections of  gender and sexuality studies, law and policy, social and political theory, LGBT and transgender studies.

He teaches courses on biopolitics, contemporary political theory, policy studies, transgender studies, and gender and the state. 

Recent articles include, "Securitizing Gender:  Identity, Biometrics, and Gender Non-conforming Bodies at the Airport," co-authored with Tara Mulqueen (Social Research 2011) and “‘We Won’t Know Who You Are’: Contesting Sex Designations on New York City Birth Certificates,” co-authored with Lisa Jean Moore (Hypatia 2009). With Susan Stryker, Currah is a founding editor of Trans Studies Quarterly (Duke).  He is the co-editor, with Shannon Minter and Richard Juang, of Transgender Rights (Minnesota 2006). 

Paisley Currah's newest book is Corpus: An Interdisciplinary Reader on Bodies and Knowledge, co-edited with Monica J. Casper (Palgrave 2011).    

His current book project is The United States of Sex: Legislating, Litigating, and Regulating (Trans)Gender Identities (NYU Press). In that project, he investigates state constructions of sex for the purposes of recognition and national projects that use gender as a distributive mechanism.

Paisley Currah received an M.A. and Ph.D. in Government from Cornell University and a B.A. (Hon.) in Political Studies from Queen's University at Kingston, Canada. 

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