Quantitative Reasoning

Across the Curriculum

Brooklyn College of the City University of New York

Funded by a Grant from the 

National Science Foundation


It is increasingly evident that effective education of today's students requires not only widespread literacy, but also an adequate degree of numeracy. This task requires a rethinking of the entire curriculum. Brooklyn College is currently involved in a project funded by the National Science Foundation which endeavors to foster the teaching of quantitative reasoning skills across the college's entire Core Curriculum. The project has brought faculty together from the humanities, sciences and social sciences to develop new and better methods of incorporating quantitative concepts in their courses. Faculty from outside the sciences have been open about their own doubts and fears, but at the same time supportive of the idea of including more quantitative content in their core courses. Science faculty have been active in reexamining their own use of quantitative concepts. Collaboration between non-scientists and scientists has enriched and changed everyone's teaching and learning experience.

About the Project


Transformations Seminar, Fall 2001

Building Bridges Conference, May 8, 2001

Brooklyn College Conference, May 21, 1999

Teaching Quantitative Reasoning: What Counts

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