The Brooklyn College NSF Quantitative Reasoning Across the Curriculum Project, the Center for Teaching, and the Learning Center invite you to attend an all-day conference on:

Quantitative Literacy Across the Curriculum

Friday, May 21, 1999

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

In a recent report on collegiate mathematics standards, the Mathematics Association of America argues the following: "Mathematics is important in the life of every citizen and, in particular, in the life of every college graduate. Colleges and universities should strive to ensure that every graduate has achieved quantitative literacy in the sense of being able confidently to analyze, discuss, and use quantitative information; to develop a reasonable level of facility in mathematical problem solving; to understand connections between mathematics and other disciplines; and to use these skills as an adequate base for lifelong learning."

This conference brings together individuals from across the disciplines and from a variety of institutions to discuss key questions about the kinds of quantitative abilities our students should be developing during college, the barriers to attaining these standards, and possible strategies to ensure that all our students emerge from college quantitatively literate. The meeting will include presentations of different models that have been used to address this problem, and is scheduled to allow time for discussion and participation from the audience.


9:00 am Coffee, continental breakfast, registration

9:15 am Opening Remarks - Prof. Peter Lesser, Dept. of Physics and the NSF Quantitative Reasoning Across the Curriculum Project, Brooklyn College of CUNY

9:30 am "Numeracy and the Institution: Mapping Factors of Cultural Change" - Keynote Speaker, Prof.. Dorothy Wallace, Dept. of Mathematics and Director of the NSF Mathematics Across the Curriculum Project, Dartmouth College

10:30 am "Faculty Development in Brooklyn's Core Curriculum" - Prof. George Brinton, Dept of English and the NSF Quantitative Reasoning Across the Curriculum project, Brooklyn College of CUNY

11:30 am "General Education Mathematics: New Approaches for a New Millennium" - Prof. Jeffrey Bennett, University of Colorado at Denver

12:15 pm Lunch, Penthouse

1:30 pm "The Efforts of LICIL to Promote Educational Reform" - Prof. Alan Tucker, Dept. of Applied Mathematics, SUNY Stony Brook and Director of the Long Island Consortium for Interconnected Learning in Quantitative Disciplines

2:15 pm "Bringing the Mountain to Mohammed: Using Women-Friendly Content to Teach Women Quantitative Reasoning" - Prof. Roberta Satow, Dept of Sociology, Brooklyn College of CUNY

2:45 pm "Simulating an Epidemic and Breaking the Ice: A Demonstration" - Prof. William Briggs, Dept of Mathematics, University of Colorado at Boulder

3:15 pm Open Discussion moderated by Prof. Louise Hainline, Dept. of Psychology and the NSF Quantitative Reasoning Across the Curriculum Project

Location: Gold Room, Brooklyn College Student Center, Campus Rd. North, Brooklyn, NY.

To register, please call Prof. Louise Hainline at 718-951-5610 or e-mail If you would like on-campus parking arranged for you, supply the make of car and license plate number.

There is no fee for the conference, but advanced registration is required and space is limited. Lunch will be provided.

Support for this conference provided by a National Science Foundation Institution-wide Reform Grant to Brooklyn College