Transformations Seminar

Fall 2001

Louise Hainline, Peter Lesser, Myra Kogen, George Brinton, "Introduction"

C. L. H. Barnes, "Nomen et Numerus: Quantitative Reasoning in the Field of Classics"

John Blamire, "Quantitative Reasoning: Core Biology 8.1"

Robert Cherry, "Approaches to Quantitative Reasoning"

Marvin Kohn, "Quantitative Reasoning Project for Math 1.95"

Mary Ann Messano-Ciesla, "Quantitative Reasoning in Evaluative Listening"

Eleanor Miele, "A New Emphasis on Quantitative Reasoning in a Science Education Course"

Jerry Mirotznik, "Quantitative Literacy and Public Health"

Wayne Powell, David Leveson, "The Unique Roll of Introductory Geology Courses in Teaching Quantitative Reasoning"

Micha Tomkiewicz, "Quantitative Reasoning - Global Warming"

Noson Yanofsky, "Quantitative Reasoning in a Computer Programming Class"