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Classical Origins of Western Culture

Self-Quiz:Aeneid, Book 2

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1. What does Laocoon tell the Trojans about the wooden horse that the Greeks left on the Trojan plain?

it should be hauled inside the city
Achaeans must be hiding in it
it was an offering to appease Pallas' (Minerva's) anger over the theft of the Palladium
if anyone violates the gift, all the Trojans and their allies would suffer for it

2. Why did Sinon say he had left the Achaean camp?

the Achaeans were starving for lack of provisions
he was going to be sacrificed to gain the return of the Achaeans to Greece
he thought the Achaeans were going to lose and he wanted to join the Trojan army
he had accidentally killed a man and had been exiled from the camp

3. What is the fate of Laocoon and his two sons?:

twin snakes come from the sea and kill them
Ulysses kills them in the battle at night
Priam has them put to death for treason
they escape the city by night and meet up with Aeneas in Carthage

4. Aeneas says that during the night, after they brought the horse inside the walls, Hektor appeared to him in a dream and told him

to rescue Andromache and marry her
to defend Troy even if it meant his death
to save himself and the household gods of Troy
to preserve the heroic deeds of Hektor in song

5. How do Aeneas and his small company gain an initial advantage over the Greeks in the nocturnal battle?

divine intervention: Apollo takes human form and helps them
deception: they put on Greek armor
dealing: they offer to bring Helen and the goods safely to Menelaos
all of the above

6. What is the fate of Priam?

he takes his own life before the Greeks can get to him
he is hurled from the walls of the city by Ulysses
he is carried out of the city by Aeneas
he is killed at an altar by Achilles' son, Pyrrhus

7. How does Venus convince Aeneas not to kill Helen?

she warns him against giving in to uncontrolled fury
she reminds him of his responsibility to his family
she says the gods are overthrowing Troy
all of the above

8. How is Anchises finally persuaded to leave the burning city with Aeneas?

Creusa talks him into going to protect his grandson
Venus appears to him and commands him to go
a fiery portent appears on Iulus' head, which convinces him
Aeneas reminds him of an oracle that said three generations would escape Troy

9. How does Aeneas get his father, son, and hearthgods out of the city?

they hide under blankets in a cart driven by Creusa
Anchises carries Iulus while Aeneas carves a path for them with his sword
Aeneas carries Creusa; Anchises and Iulus have to make their own way
Aeneas carries Anchises and pulls Iulus by the hand; Creusa follows

10.What is the fate of Creusa?

she escapes Troy, but dies en route to Carthage
she falls behind in Troy and dies there
she is killed by Dido, who falls in love with Aeneas
she commits suicide when she learns that Aeneas has fallen in love with Dido


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