SOE Curriculum item 99-01, Bulletin Change, Guidance and Counseling

Cover letter and rationale


Guidance and counseling  MS in Ed; advanced certificate

HEGIS code 0826-01

Program Head  [Joan Shea] Stephen E. Phillips

Program Office  1106  James Hall


Advanced certificate requirements:

[Fifty-four]  Eighteen  credits beyond the master's degree are required for the advanced certificate.

Students must complete [52] 18 credits in the following courses:

Education [708.1T,] 708.2 [709.1T,] 709.2T, [712.2T, 724.1T, 724.2T, 724.3T, 756.1T, 756.2T, 745.3T] 788.1T, 790.11T, and 790.12T.

[The remaining two credits are chosen by the student in consultation with the program head.]

Applicants with a master's degree or doctorate may present up to [30] 36 graduate credits of acceptable course work as approved by the program head.

Students entering with a master's degree or doctorate must complete a minimum  of [29] 18 credits including the following courses  Education [708.1T], 708.2T, [709.1T,] 790.2T, 788.1T, 790.11T, and 790.12T.  A students whose master's degree represents fewer than 36 credits or whose master's degree lacks adequate internship or fieldwork preparation may be required to take Education 708.1 and 709.1 in order to be matriculated into the advanced certificate program.