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Papers and Links on Discourse Analysis Methods -- See Also: Multimedia Semiotics


"Resources for Attitudinal Meaning: Evaluative Orientations in Text Semantics." To appear in Functions of Language, 1998.

This paper describes the evaluative dimensions of propositions in English and how evaluative meanings about warrantability, desirability, normativity, usuality, significance, comprehensibility, and seriousness are lexico-grammatically constructed across extended stretches of text in newspaper editorials.

See also "Typological and Topological Meaning in Diagnostic Discourse." To appear in Discourse Processes
(special issue on Discourse in Problem-based Learning, ed. T. Koschmann).

Overview of Discourse Analysis Methods

"Analysing Verbal Data: Principles, Methods, and Problems" in K. Tobin & B. Fraser, (Eds).
International Handbook of Science Education. Kluwer.

Bibliography of Resources for Discourse Analysis methods (from the Handbook paper, above)