Organizational Meanings

Presentational Meanings

Orientational Meanings

Basic and General:

Who is the intended user/viewer/reader of this text/artifact? What internal features index anticipated qualities of the user? Is there a ranking of primary, secondary, etc. expected user-types? What indications are there of anticipated audiences or 'overhearers' who are not directly 'addressed' by the text?

What qualities of the source/author of the text/artifact are indexed by internal features? Are there multiple? ranked? sources or authors, or social voices?

How does the text position the source relative to the user? in relations of power? dominance? intimacy? formality? and to what degrees?

What does the text/artifact offer the user by way of information? services? options for action? What does the text/artifact request or demand of the user or constrain in action? How?

How does the text/artifact work to change the relationship of the user and the source? What is it doing to or for the user?

How does the text/artifact index the stance of the source (or any voice it projects) toward the text/artifact itself? toward the source/voice itself? toward the user? toward its own presentational content? with respect to implied or explicit evaluations of warrantability (probability, possibility, doubt, truth, realism), usuality/surprise/salience, normativity (required/fordidden), un / desirability (of all kinds), importance/significance, seriousness/irony/humorousness?

How does the text/source evaluate its own abilities? the abilities of the user? of others?

How does the text/artifact/source evaluatively appraise persons, things, phenomena, events, circumstances?

Advanced or Specialized:

How do indexed or impled qualities of the source/voices change over the course of the text, or from one visual region of the artifact to another? how do those of the anticipated/implied user and audiences change? how do the presupposed and created relationships between them change?

How do evaluative stances shift with shifts in presentational content? How do stances shift toward the same content at different points in the text or across different visual regions of the artifact? at different dynamical moments?

What sorts of changes take place on shorter time/space-scales? on longer ones?

Organizational Meanings

Presentational Meanings