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Papers on Multimedia Semiotics


Travels in Hypermodality -- Draft for Visual Communication, NASA websites and conceptual issues of multimodal semiotics and hypertext semantics

Multimedia Genres for Science Education and Scientific Literacy -- UC Davis paper; NASA websites analysis

"Multiplying Meaning: Visual and Verbal Semiotics in Scientific Text" in J.R. Martin & R. Veel, Eds., Reading Science. London: Routledge. (pp.87-113).  Includes Visual Images.

Mathematics in the Middle: Measure, Picture, Gesture, Sign, and Word. New paper on semiotics and mathematics.

Visual and Verbal Resources for Evaluative Meaning in Political Cartoons. Work in progress. Includes Visual Images.

"Material Sign Processes and Ecosocial Organization," is primarily a paper on Ecosocial Dynamics, but it includes the general argument that the materiality of sign processes implies that all semiotics is necessarily multimedia semiotics.

"Typological and Topological Meaning in Diagnostic Discourse." To appear in Discourse Processes (special issue on Discourse in Problem-based Learning, ed. T. Koschmann).

Papers in ERIC Database:

"Multiplying Meaning: Literacy in a Multimedia World." Paper presented at the National Reading
Conference, Charleston SC (December 1993). Arlington VA: ERIC Documents Service (ED 365 940),

"Making Towers, Making Withs" Paper presented at National Association for Research in Science
Teaching, San Francisco, April 1995. Arlington VA: ERIC Documents Service (ED 384 513), 1995.

"Emergent Agendas in Collaborative Activity" Paper presented at American Educational Research
Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco (April 1995). _Research in Education_, January 1996.
Arlington VA: ERIC Documents Service (ED 386 425), 1996.