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New Additions !!

Travels in Hypermodality -- Draft for Visual Communication

Toward a Theory of Traversals -- new theoretical work, Spring 2001

Discursive Technologies and the Social Organization of Meaning -- draft ms for Folia Linguistica; more on traversals -- Do Not Cite!!

Multimedia Genres for Science Education and Scientific Literacy -- UC Davis paper; NASA websites analysis

Artifacts, Activities, and Meanings in Ecosocial Systems -- for Mind, Culture, and Activity

Articulating Communities: Sociocultural Perspectives on Science Education, invited article for Journal of Research on Science Teaching.  

Learning Academic Language Identities: Multiple Timescales in the Social Ecology of Education -- TEXT
Invited paper at University of California, Berkeley (March 2000)

Report of Working Group on Complex Systems and Analysis of K-16 Education (Endicott House Conference, 1999). J. Lemke et al.


New Hypertext Webs -- under construction, please visit.

Opening Up Closures: Semiotics across Scales -- Ghent paper (fulltext); biosemiotics, successor to WESS paper

Topological Semiosis and the Evolution of Meaning -- WESS presentation; overheads and commentary

Across the Scales of Time: Heterochrony in Multi-scaled Networks -- ISCRAT presentation


Masculinity and Academic Discourse -- ISCRAT presentation: Overheads, commentaries

Hypertext Semantics -- ISFC 1998, Cardiff; presentation

Typology, Topology, Topography: Genre Semantics -- manuscript, 1994 

Mathematics in the Middle: Measure, Picture, Gesture, Sign, and Word. New paper on semiotics and mathematics.

Visual and Verbal Resources for Evaluative Meaning in Political Cartoons. Work in progress. Includes Visual Images.

Review of Smith & Thelen, Dynamic Systems Approach to Development

Teaching All the Languages of Science: Words, Symbols, Images, and Actions [Paper for Barcelona Conference]

Multimedia Demands of the Scientific Curriculum [Paper for Griffith University project, Australia]

Recently Published:
Aprender a Hablar Ciencia, 1997. Barcelona: Paidos. [Spanish-language edition of Talking Science]