List of Political Cartoons for Multimodal Semiotic Analysis of Evaluative Meanings

VIETSCAR. Vietnam Scar.
A view of US President L B Johnson during the Vietnam War showing off to the press a surgical scar (an actual event), but with the shape of the scar changed to resemble an outline map of Vietnam.

FIRE. Liberty's Fire.
A man climbs a ladder with a bucket of water to put out a fire -- in the torch of the Statue of Liberty.

NIXON. Nix-Con. Nixon Standing on the Constitution.
A view of US President R M Nixon during the Watergate Crisis, showing him clutching tape-recordings sought by the courts as evidence against him, while appearing to stand on the U.S. Constitution.

BLACK. Not All Black.
US President L B Johnson and his Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara, view a black-and-white, moire-patterned "map" of South Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

PEACE. Peace Sign.
A view of US President William Clinton presenting Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, who are gesturing over one another's heads.

SNOOPY. Cuba vs. Snoopy.
Popular US children's cartoon character Snoopy, in his persona as a World War I military pilot (of his flying doghouse), pursued by a modern military jet-fighter with two Cuban pilots.

Note: All of these cartoons are published copyrighted works.