Why does it matter?

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= exclusions of both persons and discourse alternatives, including:

= complicity in the legitimation of:

= Note the need to sustain "contradictions" between political solidarity discourses and category-deconstructing discourses in opposing masculinism and the whole gender-caste system of unequal power relations. Thus categories like "Black people" "Gay people" and even "Women" or "the Working Class" serve a need to create political solidarity through discourse in order to resist oppressive conditions, but these categories are themselves still gross oversimiplifications of the complexity of human diversity with respect to all the traits that go to define any such category. By and large such simplistic categories are the characteristic tools of oppressors, and intellectually it is their deconstruction in favor of a less politically freighted, less stereotyped awareness of separable variability across all human traits that seems most humanely progressive.