Brooklyn College

The Staff was published anonymously by Communist faculty at Brooklyn College from 1935 to 1939.  Identifying the faculty members who wrote and distributed it was one goal of the Rapp-Coudert Committeee. Though the committee tenaciously interviewed a succession of printers and publishers, their identity remained secret.

Communist faculty at City College also put out a newsletter, the ?,. which differed from the Staff in being issued pseudonymously and being more polemical. The Brooklyn College Communist Unit had the reputation of being the more intellectual.   Elaine S....

Note:  The titles of articles in each issue are listed under the date of the issue.

May 1, 1935 , 4 pages
     "Faculty membership,"  "Tenure: Have We Won It?",  "The Teachers' Bill,"  "The Students Strike," "Why Communists?", "In the Rockets' Red Glare," "Boylan Opposes War?", "Guilty of Picketing," "May Day," "Guilty of Picketing"

June 1, 1935 , 4 pages
     "An Open Letter: Chairmen Must Organize with Entire Teaching Staff," "Greetings," "United Youth Day," "Columbia Ousts Pacifists," "Kayfetz Resolution," Fascism at Hunter," "Kilcoyne Elected," "New Buildings," "Who Are the Cowards?", "In the Rockets' Red Glare," "Fellow Dismissed," "Holloway Campaign ," "The Jacobs Bill"

October 1, 1935 , 4 pages
    "Abreast of the Times," "New Board Regulations," "C.I. World Congress," "Teachers Union," "Payless Furloughs,"  "Our Buildings," "The Coming Elections," "In the Rockets' Red Glare," "Correspondence," "Pioneer Strike," "Prof. Whyte in Naziland"

November 1935 , 4 pages
     "Liberals Unite," "Browder-Thomas Debate," "Oppose New Rules," "What About Holloway?",  "Sherwood Eddy Reports," "Building Funds Inadequate," "Students Amalgamate," "Protect Ethiopia," "Vote Communist!", "Why the Communist Party?" "In the Rockets' Red Glare," "Mandatory Increments," "Correspondence," "German Olympics" 

December 1935 , 8 pages
     "What About Holloway?",  "A Letter to the Editor," "Teacher and Student in USSR," "American Student Union," "Student and Teacher," "The Holloway Case," "Granted?",  "Kilcoyne's Position," "Peace Mobilization," "Economic Conference," "American Youth Today," "Y.C.I. World Congress," "Chemistry Students Meet," "Granted?--A Dialogue," "Until Festival" (poem), "The Clerical Staff," "In the Rockets' Red Glare," "Recommended Reading," "The New Buildings"

January 1936, 6 pages
     "A Labor Party," "Lenin Memorial," "Act on By-Laws," "Economic Conference," "Personality Reports," "Eddy Addresses U.A.R.," "What Now, Dr. Boylan?", "Communist Teachers," "Courage," "Granted?--A Dialogue," "Fascism and Imperialist War,""Banner Year in the U.S.S.R.," "In the Rockets' Red Glare," "The Hospital Drive," "Students Revolt," "Recommended Reading"

February 1936, 4 pages
     "Teachers' Mail Censored," "Congress Against the War,"  "Labor Party Needed," "Granted?--A Dialogue," "Why We Fought," "Presidents Three," "Fascism in Alabama," "Gag Rule at Home," "McNaboe Resolution," "Joint Meeting," "May's Strike Continues"

March 1936, 6 pages
      "Dear Mister Tuttle," "Students Join Union," "Evening Session," "Livingston on Pareto," "Education in the U.S.S.R.," "In the Rockets' Red Glare," "Recommended Reading," "The Big Stick," "Commencement, of What?",  "Frederick B. Robinson," "Granted?--A Dialogue," "Labor Party Grows," "Whither Catholicism?", "Correspondence"   

April 1936, 6 pages
     "War Fever Rises," "Unity Displayed," "Our Next Mayor?," "Another Browder Broadcast!," "Fascism in America," "Future Veterans?," "Department Democracy," "Merit vs. Politics," "Granted?--A Dialogue," "From our Readers," "The Red Page," "Ivan P. Pavlov," "Teachers Union Meets," "W.P.A. Layoffs"

May 1936, 6 pages
     "Reappoint Schappes!," "No Money Available," "One Solid Rank of Workers," "Faculty Acts on By-Laws," "Teachers and the Labor Party," "Not Fit to Print?," "Our First Year," "Holloway," "Granted--A Dialogue," "A Letter on Catholicism," "In the Rockets' Red Glare," "Recommended Reading," "Henry Lansford," "Correspondence"

June 1936, 6 pages
     "Commencement: An Address," "Faculty Proposes New By-Laws," "What Do You Read?," "Evening Tutor Fired," "Meyer Waves the Flag," "The Schappes Case," "McNaboe and Hearst," "Granted--A Dialogue," "Catholicism and Labor," "Progressives Win," "A Correction," "Schlossberg Urges Unionism," "The Fascist Cauldron," "Summer Suggestions," "On the Local Front"

October 1936, 6 pages
     "Communist Election Campaign Broadcasting Schedule," "Dr. Butler in Action," "Thank you, Mr. Morgan," "The Coming Election," "Trotskyists Exposed," "Meyer at It Again," "The Task Before Us," "Granted!," "Spain Fights for Democracy"

November 1936, 2 pages
     "On the Eve of Elections,"  "Our Candidates," "Pre-Election Rally," "Some Questions Answered," "Vote for Amter!"

January 1937, 6 pages
     "Teachers' Tenure Imperiled," "Association Acts," "Left Face," "The Strike Situation," "The Woman Situation," "The Old Army Game," "Pernicious Prejudice," "Granted!," "Ivory Towers for Rent," "The Conflict Abroad," "Recommended Reading," "Correspondence"

February 1937, 6 pages
     "Mr. McGoldrick's Plight," "Whose Appointments?," "The Great Mosscow Frame-Up," "Button, Button...," "Another Victory," "Granted!," "Library Distress," "Coercive Collections," "Scientific Grading?", "Left Face," "'Truth' Society Aids Fascism"

March 1937, 6 pages
     "Appointments Uncalled for," "Whose Bad Manners?", "Boylan Scores Mumford," "Startling News!", "A Much Needed Remedy," "The Anti-War Strike," "Whose New Buildings?", "Left Face," "For the Defense of Spain, Democracy, and Human Rights!", "Recommended Reading," "Unpack the Court!", "Correspondenc," "From a Noted German Novelist"

April 1937, Special Edition, 2 pages
     "A Struggle for Power," "From Marx to McCooey," "Unpack Faculty Court!," "Association for Klein"

April 1937, 2 pages
     "A United May Day!," "Herndon Is Free," "In the Rockets' Red Glare," "Rally Behind Klein!"

May 1937, 4 pages
     "Local Hearsts on the Move," "Administration Stooges Revealed," "Enlightenment!", "Second Anniversary," "Too Late, Professor," "Second Anniversary," "A Living Wage!", "Red Paper Stirs Brooklyn Campus," "High Court Responds," "Correspondence,"  "1776-1937"

May 1937, Supplemental Issue, 2 pages
     This typed issue uses no headlines; it attacks a resolution (as well as its sponsors and supporters) decrying the tactics of the Communist Party and the Teachers Union and defends them.

June 1937, 6 pages
     "Board Flouts McGrath Law," "Coulton Makes the Grade," "A Company Union?", "Commencement--1937," "Democracy in Queens," "Rockefelelr Was Author of Inspirational Poem," "A Message to America," by J.B.S. Haldane (reprint), "Boylan Endangers Buildings," "W.P.A. Must Go on!," "C.I.O. Movement Forgets Ahead"

October 1937, 4 pages
     "Brooklyn Campus Impresses," "Progress Versus Reaction," "David White Returns," "Now It Can Be Done!", "Greetings to Queens,"  "For a Common Front Against the War-Makers," by Earl Browder, "Eighteen Years of Action," "Newspapermen Strike," "'When China Unites'"

November 1937, 4 pages
     "Jews, Negroes and Others," "No Teeny-Weeny Mussolinis," "Faculty Wakes Up!", "Big Business Sits Down," "Board Violates Law," "1917-1937: To the People of the Soviet Union--Greetings!", "The People Must Speak,"  "Your Vote Counted!"

December 1937, Special Student Issue, 4 pages
     "Christmas 1937," "Fight Against Cut in N.Y.A.," "The Negro Student in America," "The College Step-Children," "An Evening Student Speaks," "Communism and Culture," "Students in the USSR"

January 1938, 6 pages
     "Another Robinson in the Making?", "A.A.U.P. Is Alive," "We Make History," "Students in Action," "Towards a People's Front," "In the Rockets' Red Glare," "Fascism Means War," "Left Face," "Local Patriots," "Who Is Stolberg?", "Sigerist Reviews Soviet Medicine," "'Better Times'"

February 1938, 2 pages
     "Martin über alles!," "Behind the Red-baiting," "Lincoln  and Revolution," "In the Rockets' Red Glare," "Make It Fit to Print," "Communism Is Twentieth Century Americanism," "Protest to the Post!"

March 1938, 4 pages
     "Our Department Heads: I. Martin Meyer," "Hillary and Tammany," "The McNaboe Bill Must Be Defeated!," "Left Face," "Catholics Must Not Be Misled by the Fascist Chatter of College Comment," "Students in Action," "Act Now to Stop the War!," "Treason at Home"

April 1938, 4 pages
     "A United May Day," "Demonstrate for Peace!," "Our Teeny-Weenies: 2. F.A. Olesen," "Liberals Abhor Red-Baiting," "A Pertinent Letter," "Left Face," "The Board Hearing and Democracy"

May-June 1938, 4 pages
     "A Democratic Front at the College," "In the Rockets' Red Glare," "An Interesting Letter," "Left Face," "To Our Colleagues: 1935-1938," "Marxist Review of the Month," "End Fascist Aggression," "La Follette's Folly"

September-October 1938, 4 pages
     "The Americanism of Martin Dies," "Reorganization, the First Step," "World Youth Speaks for Peace,"  "Fired for Organizing," "$280,000," "Unity in 1938 Elections," "In the Rockets' Red Glare," "Act for Peace!",. "Communists in Faculty," "A True American"

November 1938, 4 pages
     "Vote Amter and Labor-Progressive," "Oust the Dies Trio!," "Slithery Jesse--The People's Friend," "Dr. Novikoff Denied Promotion," "Protect Reorganization!," "Chamberlain Rescues Hitler," "In the Rockets' Red Glare," "Of Extramural Interest," "Left Face," "How to Vote on the Constitutional Amendments"

December 1938, 4 pages
     "America Votes Progressive," "Anti-Nazi Protest Forges Democratic Front,"  "C.P. Answers Flynn," "Ballad to a Philosopher" (poem), "In the Rockets' Red Glare," "Slithery Jesse Slips," "Teachers Alliance?"

January, 1939, 4 pages
     "Peace on Earth," "...Good Will to Men," "It Can't Happen Here," "USSR Points the Way," "Whither Catholics," "'Bias' or Truth," "Brooklyn Scores Again," "Seasonal Reading," "Evening Session--Disinherited Minority," "'We Take Our Stand,'" "Attention, Mr. Dies!"

February 1939, 4 pages
     "It Is Not Too Late!," "Reorganization, Second Step," "Clarkson Encore!," "Our New President?", "Daily Worker--15 Years," "Not so 'Teeny...'," "150 Prominent Lawyers Examine Dies," "Correspondence," "Editors Reply"

March 1939, 4 pages
     "Council Action a Rebuke to Witch Hunters," "Wanted: An Academic Dean," "Information, Please," "Whither Science?," "Item," "Spain Betrayed," "Curranism Is not Catholicism,"  "Correspondence," "McNaboe Again," "Just  Warning," "What We Think.

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