Brooklyn College

"All We Ever Wanted Was a Better World"

Radical Politics at Brooklyn College, 1930-1958

American Student Union
     National student organization formed by the Communist National Student League and the Socialist Student League of Industrial Democracy. The Brooklyn College chapter at once time claimed it had 600 members.

     Brooklyn College student newspaper, Evening Division, 1930-39.

Brooklyn College Staff
     Newsletter of Communist Party at Brooklyn College, 1933-1939.

The Daily Worker

Professor Frederick Ewen and the Frederic Ewen Center for Academic Freedom

     Brooklyn College literary magazine, 1936-4 (replaced Potpourri in 1936).

     Brooklyn College student newspaper, Men's Division, 193

     Brooklyn College literary magazine (replaced by Observer).

Political Flyers and Papers,
      Materials distributed by students, faculty, and administrators, 1934-58; housed in the Brooklyn College Special Collection and Archive.

Presidential Files on Student and Faculty Political Activities
     Materials saved by and maintained in the President's office; started by President Boylan, maintained by President Harry Gideonse, and released in spring 2006 by President Christoph Kimmich.

Professor Harry Slochower

Reference Resource
     Dictionary  identifying persons, bills, political events, organizations, movements, and other matters referred to by the students, faculty, and their contemporaries and may no longer be familiar.

Senate Internal Security Subcommittee
      The SISS investigation into Communism at Brooklyn College, 1952-53

     Brooklyn College student newspaper, Women's Division, 1932-36.

     Brooklyn College student newspaper, 1937-1950 (suspended by President Gideonse and replaced by Kingsman in 1950).

                            October 3, 2006