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These photographs are from the Daily Worker archive.  The dates were noted on the photos, and the captions were typed strips of paper attached to the photograph.  Not every photograph was dated or had a caption.

These photographs and cartoon are reproduced by the permission of the Reference Center for Marxist Studies.  All rights are reserved by the Center, and photographs and cartoon may not be reproduced without permission.

January 21, 1936
      Declaration of James Monroe High School Vigilantes Against Communists

November 9, 1936
      Male high jinks at Villanova

April 24, 1937
      An ASU panel.

June 2, 1937
      Female high jinks at the University of Arizona

December 29, 1937
      Three High School Girls, Fourth ASU Annual Convention.

June 11, 1938
      ASU Giant Postcard to FDR to Lift Embargo Against Spain

December 29, 1938
      General Assembly, Fourth ASU Annual Convention.

December 29, 1938
      Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade at Fourth ASU Annual Convention.

April 4, 1939
      Pro-Loyalist Demonstration at Columbia University

April 20, 1940
      City College Anti-war Demonstration

June 2, 1940
      ASU Anti-war Demonstration at the High School of Music and Art.

June 23, 1940
      High School and College Graduation with Anti-War Banner

November 11, 1940
      Charles Hendley, President, Teachers Union, at Rapp-Coudert Protest Rally

December 1, 1940.
      Dr. Walter Rautenstrauch of Columbia University; Dr. Charles J. Hendley, president of Local 5, who has been convicted of "contempt" for refusing to turn over membership lists to the Coudert Committee; and George B. Murphy, Jr. of the National Association of Colored People protest the Rapp-Coudert Committee.

December 7, 1940
      Frederick Ewen Speaking to a Rally of Brooklyn College Students

December 20, 1940
      The Teachers Union Holds Mock Trial of Rapp-Coudert Hearings Before 5,000 Persons

December 29, 1940
      Dr. Harry Ward Speaks at ASU Convention

December 29, 1940
      Negro and White Delegates Working Togehter, ASU Sixth Annual Convention

December 1940
      Three young women Taking Notes, ASU Sixth Annual Convention

December 1940
      Delegates Voting at the Sixth ASU Annual Convention

December 1940
      Three Young Women Listening to Speeches, ASU Sixth Annual Convention

January 6, 1941
      Brooklyn College Students Subpoenaed by Rapp-Coudert Committee

January 10, 1941
      Students Picket Rapp-Coudert Committee

January 30, 1941
      Teachers Union Members Approve Giving Membership Lsits to Rapp-Coudert

March 8, 1941
      William Canning of CCNY Testifying Before Rapp-Coudert Committee

April 23, 1941
      Students Picket Rapp-Coudert Hearing

April 23, 1941
      Students at City College and at Hunter College Protest Faculty Firings (two photos)

April 24, 1941
      Nine of the 11 CCNY Faculty Fired Because of Rapp-Coudert

June 19, 1941
      Teacher Victims Picketing Rapp-Coudert's Home

July 4, 1941
      Teachers Protest Imprisonment of Morris Schappes

December 29, 1941
      Seventh Annual ASU Convention

      Students Carrying Coffin of "Joe Student": B.A., 1940; Corpus Delicti, 1941

      Picketer Talks with Bystander about Rapp-Coudert Investigation

      Teachers Union Pickets Rapp-Coudert Hearings

      Teachers Union Rally to Protest Rapp-Coudert Investigation

      AFT Pickets Rapp-Coudert Hearings

      Faculty dismissed from City College and Brooklyn College

      Professor Selsam Teaching at the Jefferson School

April 30, 1950
      Teachers, Students Picket Board of Ed to Protest Declaring Teachers Union "Subversive"

September 3, 1969
      Frederick Ewen, Brooklyn College Instructor

No date or Year Indicated

December 31. No Year Given.
      Delegates to ASU Convention at Meeting Given for them by Local 65

      Teachers Union Picket Protesting Rapp-Coudert Hearings

Undated Photograph
      Anti-war Demonstration, probably City College.

      Bella Dodd photograph

      Bella Dodd photograph

      Bella Dodd photograph

      Bella Dodd Speaking at Dinner

Undated Photograph
     Students Protest Budget Cuts

      Teachers Marching for Better Conditions and Improved Education

Political Cartoon
      Anti Rapp-Coudert, Pro Teachers Union Cartoon

February 5, 2005