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April 11, 1935, Pages 1, 5

To Stage Anti-War Protest At Second Hour Tomorrow



            The final preparations for tomorrow's Anti-War Strike have been announced by the Brooklyn Intercollegiate Strike committee. Brooklyn College students will form ranks fora the march at the end of the second hour. Students are to leave their buildings and form in lines outside the buildings., The march will proceed along two routes to City Park, which is a short distance from college.

            Frank Olmstead, national secretary of the Y.M.C.A., will be the guest speaker at the meeting to be held in City Park. Mr. Mendor T. Brunetti, instructor in French at Seth Low and Edward Billet, vice-chairman of Student Council and assistant manager ofScop, will speak for Seth Lowe.

            Dr. Theodore Bremeld, instructor in Philosophy at Long Island University and Professor John Munroe, former instructor in Psychology at Brooklyn College and now Professor of Education at Long Island University, and Abe Auerbach, student chairman of the Anti-War committee, will be the speaker for L.I.U.

            Joseph Cohen, national executive secretary of the National Student League, Chris Jonassen, president of the Student Christian Association, Nelson Seitel, editor of Pioneer, and Sylvia Wener, vice-president of the Women's Student Council will be the Brooklyn College speakers. Beatrice Gomberg, chairman of te Brooklyn College Anti-War League and chairman of the Strike committee, will be chairman of the meeting.

            The demonstration will return along Willoughby Street, and will be back at Borough Hall in time for the sixth hour.

            A statement from president William A. Boylan, which appeared in the New York Times of April 5, said:

            "There is no one at this college–student, instructor, or professor who is more opposed to war than I am. I think, however, that a strike–an anti-war strike–

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 is injudicious in that it will alienate rather than win the support of right-thinking persons. The word ‘strike' is a misnomer."

            When questioned by a Spotlight reporter, Dean Adele Bilsdersee said that she does not consider that a strike "is either a logical or an effective method for the advancement of the cause of peace ... We do not usually demonstrate in favor of a cause to convert those who are already on our side; we do it in order to bring to our point of view those who are not of our opinion. The question to be asked about any method is, therefore, whether it is going to convert or to alienate people we want to impress."

            When asked what she would suggest in place of a strike, Dean Bildersee proposed "a long time study of all organizations now working for peace and support of those that single-mindedly work for the cause of peace. This may mean quiet, devoted service for years.;it may mean no headlines, no limelight. The sincerity of a person's devotion to a cause may be measured by his willingness to serve it by humble. unpretentious work."

            Dean Mario E. Cosenza, when asked for his opinion of the strike said: "Naturally, I do not like anything that so seriously interrupts the teaching activities of this college."

            The dean also said that he thought the parade should have been arranged on some Sunday afternoon. He suggested that students who are opposed to war should join peace organizations.


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