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April 11, 1935, Page 1

Council Discusses
      Conduct of Strike

Executive Board Awards 'B' Pins
      For Outstanding Service
            To Nine Students

            Rules concerning the conduct of Brooklyn College students who participate in the Anti-War Strike tomorrow were passed at the Student Council meeting yesterday. There is to be no chanting, shouting, disorderly conversation, or noises, according to Council's regulations. Council will also distribute a leaflet to all students today giving the line of march and other plans for the strike. Another leaflet concerning the specific problems of freshmen who will participate in the strike will be given out.

            The Executive Board of Student Council voted to present "B" pins to Jean Cassel, upper senior Council representative; Ruth Fisch, editor-in-chief of Spotlight; Helen Friedland, president of Student Council; Lucille Friedlander, Chairman of Student Exchange; Ruth Goldzweig, editor of Potpourri; Florence Joffe, president of the upper senior class; Harriet Kahn, treasurer of Student Council; Paula Lance, secretary of Student Council; and Sylvia Wener, vice-president of Student Council.

      The "B" pins are awarded to those students who have done outstanding service to the school during their four years at college.


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